Talkeetna, AK

Talkeetna, Alaska

Gin Lee
Talkeetna, Alaska/ DenaliChristina Rasmussen

Talkeetna, Alaska

Talkeetna, Alaska, is located one hundred and fifteen miles north of Anchorage in the Mat-Su Valley. If you would like to take a step back in time, Talkeetna is the place that you'd likely want to venture off to. The population was 1,055 in the census of 2020.

Although the township is rather small, it was put on the map with the 1990s hit TV series, which was inspired by the town of Talkeetna, Northern Exposure; staring Robert Redford, and various other movies such as Alaska Long Hunters (2020), Frost Bite (2012), and Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson (2019–2020). And let's not forget to mention that each year television crews head to Talkeetna to televise the Wilderness Woman's Competition and Bachelors Auction during Winter Fest.
Talkeetna cabins/Christina Rasmussen

Talkeetna Cabins is located one block off Main Street in the heart of Talkeetna, Alaska.

Upon covering the topics of interviews with Christina Rasmussen, an Alaskan resident, we have been discovering different locations in the state of Alaska. Each place only seems to get more beautiful as we dive into the depths of Alaska, “The Last Frontier.”

Within this article, there's so much to cover about the small town of Talkeetna and I am fortunate to have a ton of photos to share that were provided by Christina.
Denali View Walking Trail sign/Christina Rasmussen

Christina stated, "This is in Talkeetna. The tallest mountain peak is in Denali. The tallest mountain in the US. Where the trees are in the water, we used to be able to walk on the other side just a couple of years ago. People say global warming is not a thing, but we can see it up here."

Denali is also known as Mount McKinley.
Talkeetna, Alaska/ DenaliChristina Rasmussen

In Talkeetna, there are a ton of recreational activities such as salmon fishing, sight-seeing, to flight-seeing, water rafting, zip lining, glaciers landing, sled dog tours, and hiking, among so much more.
These are of the same mountains but from a look out point leaving Talkeetna./Christina Rasmussen

During the winter in Talkeetna, the community hosts a winter fest. The winter fest is a month-long event held in December. The winter event features decorating a tree and tree lighting ceremony, along with a parade of lights, in its magnificently frozen scenery.

Other events that take place during the month of December are the Taste of Talkeetna, and the wild but most entertaining Wilderness Woman Competition and Bachelor Auction. These events are held not just for locals to have really good times, but also are held to bring in visitors for the fundraisers. Proceeds go towards social services and different student organizations in their province.

Well loved venues located in Talkeetna
Talkeetna Tour Center, West Rib Deli & Pub, Nagleys store and Antlers Outpost are all nestled together in Talkeetna on East Main Street./Christina Rasmussen

Talkeetna Tour Center, West Rib Deli & Pub, Nagleys store and Antlers Outpost are all nestled together in Talkeetna on East Main Street. Back behind Nagleys and the Antlers Outpost, you'll find the Talkeetna Air Service.

"These are some of the different merchants in town. Most every building, if not all buildings, is old like this and some people also live where they work; Christina stated."

Products made by the locals can be purchased within the communities merchant stores. You can find anything from homemade ice cream to items that are only made in Alaska by Alaskans.
Nagley’s Store/Christina Rasmussen

Nagley’s Store dates back to the early 1920s and they have just about everything in their general store. Nagley's is located at 13650 East Main Street, Talkeetna, Alaska 99676.
Beadberry Patch/Christina Rasmussen

Beadberry Patch is located at East 2nd Street, Talkeetna Alaska, 99676
Village Arts and Crafts/Christina Rasmussen

Village Arts and Crafts located at 13530 East Main Street Talkeetna, Alaska 99676
The Mexican Moose/Christina Rasmussen

The Mexican Moose is a well-known Street Vendor located at S A Street, Talkeetna.
The Mexican Moose/Christina Rasmussen
Designs By Shanda/Christina Rasmussen

Designs By Shanda is also located in Talkeetna. Shanda creates lovely art designs, birch tree art, and ornaments, among other things, to sell.
AK Sled Dog Tours/Christina Rasmussen

AK Sled Dog Tours is a place where you can mush your own team of Alaskan huskies.

After spending the day in town shopping, why not take the kiddos to the Wildwood Playground?
The Wildwood Playground/Christina Rasmussen

The Wildwood Playground is located also in Talkeetna, Alaska.
The Wildwood Playground/Christina Rasmussen

Christina says, "This is the park we take the kids to after we eat handmade ice cream."

I can honestly say that I want to be a kid again, just so that I could have an adventure at the Wildwood Playgrounds and park! Oh, and eat handmade ice cream too!!!
The Wildwood Playground/Christina Rasmussen

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