Growing pecan trees from pecans

Gin Lee
Growing pecan trees from pecans/Gin Lee

Growing pecan trees from pecans

Is it possible to grow a pecan tree from a pecan nut? Yes, it most certainly is. This is how I have germinated many pecan seedlings. After all, it's how trees grow in nature without the help of any human source. In nature, the nuts drop to the ground, then when it rains, the seeds sprout, grow into saplings, and if left alone, the saplings grow into trees. It's not rocket science, although natural science is involved.

How to germinate a pecan seed

To begin, you'll need to soak the pecans in water for about forty-eight hours to allow the shells to swell. Splitting should occur during this process. Some pecan seeds may split sooner than forty-eight hours.

When the seeds have swelled and split open, plant them sideways about four inches deep into the prepared soil. Generally, germination takes anywhere from four to ten weeks.
Growing a pecan sapling in container/Gin Lee

Pecan trees grow best in rich, well-drained soil. They also need to be planted at least thirty feet away from any structures. The saplings require full sun and water. Typically, newly planted pecan trees require one gallon of water a day, as the tree's age they will need to be watered more than that. Usually by age three, the trees need about three gallons of water a day. During the summer months, the amount of water may need to be doubled depending on how hot the temperatures get.

It generally takes three to six years before the trees produce any nuts. One tree can produce enough pecans to feed a family. Although it's best to plant at least two different pecan seedlings for better quality and quantity.

Newly planted pecan trees normally grow to become four to six feet tall within the first couple of years. A pecan tree can live anywhere from two-hundred to three-hundred years. So planting pecan trees today will ensure that future generations will also enjoy and benefit from the fruits of your labor today.

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