Growing duckweed

Gin Lee
Growing duckweed/Gin Lee

Growing duckweed

You may be asking what duckweed is? Duckweed is an aquatic plant that thrives naturally in freshwater ponds, rivers, lakes, ditches, and, like me, some people choose to grow duckweed in aquariums as well.

I grow duckweed for my baby Stinkpot turtle because it's feasibly easy to grow. It's basically free food for my turtle to eat. Plus, the duckweed provides oxygen to the aquarium as well as cleans nasty toxins from the tank.
Duckweed// aquatic plantGin Lee

Why is the plant called duckweed?

It's called duckweed because ducks love eating the aquatic plant; however, its scientific plant name is Lemnoideae. It is thought of as being a weed, but the aquatic plant is actually a herb.

What is duckweed good for?

Duckweed is a miracle plant of sorts, and it grows quite rapidly. This aquatic plant gives fish, turtles, waterfowl, and other living aquatic species protection, as well as being a forever food. People can also eat duckweed. It's a high protein plant that chefs refer to as water lentils.

Duckweed doesn't just provide food and protection to marine life, it also naturally adds clean oxygen to the water in areas where it grows. It also keeps mosquitoes from laying larvae into open bodies of water where it's growing. People also use duckweed as a medicine for several ailments.

After reading resources written by Fakhoorian, T. I had also found out a lot more about duckweed and found that it has a ton of other uses as well.


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