Making candles at home

Gin Lee
Making candles at home / Heart-shaped molded candle /Gin Lee

Making candles at home

Over the past weekend, I decided to take a break from doing my spring cleaning to make some homemade scented candles.

When the power is out, due to severe weather, it's nice to have candles on hand. I love burning scented candles even if the grid isn't down.
Making homemade candles /Gin Lee

On Sunday night, I melted one pound of soy wax and made numerous candles. I used essential oils, candle wicks, candle containers with lids, and silicone candle molds to make different shapes and sizes. For my rose-shaped candles, I used rose essential oil. I used cinnamon, grapefruit, and lavender on the other candles. Each candle smells amazing.
Rose scented / blue rose candle / molded with a rose-shaped mode /Gin Lee

I prefer using the candle containers with lids because they tend to hold the fragrances of the candles longer than the molds do. However, I am torn between the two because the molded-designed candles are so much prettier.
Different shaped silicone candle molds.Gin Lee

There are three different types of wax that I am aware of for candle making. Beeswax, paraffin wax, and soy wax. I recently started making candles out of soy wax. Of course, soy wax still has some amounts of paraffin wax in it, but it is a healthier alternative than using 100% paraffin wax. Beeswax will always be my first choice, however, it comes at a premium price.
Melting soy candle wax in a melting pot.Gin Lee

If you are interested in making candles, there are a ton of candle-making kits on the market. The majority of these come with an assortment of everything you'll need to make candles at home.

For cheaper candle tin holders, why not use washed-out soda cans, cut open at the top, or clean, painted vegetable cans, and washed cat & dog food cans? There are so many things that could be used for candle containers that would be more cost-efficient.

Making candles at home


  • Candle wax (Use whichever wax you prefer.)
  • Candle wicks
  • Candle tins & containers, and candle molds
  • Candle melting pot
  • Essential oils
  • Popsicle sticks with a hole drilled in the center (These are used for sliding the end of the wicks in, to keep the wicks centered.)
  • Candle dye (Food coloring can also be used.)


Place the candle tins or molds out on a flat workspace, place the candle wicks in the tins, use the popsicle stick to keep the wicks centered in the tins.

Next, measure and melt the candle wax in the melting pot. Add essential oils and candle dye to the wax. Now, carefully pour the melted wax into the prepared tins or molds. Allow the candle wax to harden. Next, cut the end of the wick to the length desired.

For my silicone molds, I allowed the wax to harden, then I peeled the molds off of the candles and made holes through the center of the candles with a long nail. Then I ran my candle wicks through the holes.

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