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Child-Free Son who is ‘Gifted’ $1,000,000 House by Father enraged after threats to be kicked out

Gillian Sisley

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

A Reddit user, a 30-year-old male, recently posted about a conflict he is facing with his father regarding his living situation.

The author explains that he and his wife, Jennifer, live in a house that his father allowed them to reside in. He explains:

“I'm 30 and got married last year to my wife, Jennifer. We live in a house that my dad said we could live in. I've lived here even before I met my wife. The house is paid for and I just pay the property taxes. It could probably sell for over a million because it's a 3-bedroom house in San Diego. I appreciate my dad for giving me the chance to live here but like I said, I take care of the place and pay the property taxes.”

The issue arose when the author’s father began asking about their plans to have children, as he continues with:

“My dad has been asking us if we plan on having kids and we said no. He said that he's not letting us live there to be Ken and Barbie. It's a family home and if we're not having kids then go rent somewhere. I told him we're not moving anywhere because we made a deal that I'd care for the house and in exchange I would live there.”

When a parent doesn't approve of the decision to be child-free, advises that it can be challenging to navigate the situation. According to Psych Central, it’s important to have open and honest conversations with parents, expressing one’s reasons for choosing not to have children and establishing boundaries to maintain one’s decision.

The father, however, has responded to their decision in a rather extreme manner, as the author concludes:

“Just because it's in his name doesn't mean he can kick us out especially just because we don't want kids. That's probably illegal anyway. Our household expenses are like $1500 a month. We bring in like $4000 net monthly. My dad is getting all crazy by saying that he's going to charge us $7000 a month in rent because that's what our neighbors pay or give him a grandchild. He even said he'll raise it by himself. I told my dad to keep up this craziness and we'll go no contact.”

What do you think?

Is the author acting incredibly entitled to refuse to leave his father’s house, due to the conditions his father set, and is delusional to think he can threaten no-contact just because he doesn’t like his way of doing things?

Or is the author justified to be enraged that his father is trying to force his own expectations on his son, and he’s wrong to give his son an ultimatum in exchange for letting the couple live in his house?

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