Mom of ‘Compulsive Lying Lesbian’ humiliates her online by exposing the truth of her ‘Coming Out’

Gillian Sisley

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

A Reddit user shared their experience with her daughter's lying habit, which has caused significant strain on their relationship.

The post highlights the parents' efforts to address the issue of her daughter’s lying habit through therapy, and her unconditional support for her daughter, even when she came out as a lesbian. She explains further:

“My daughter, Casey, has struggled with lying throughout her life—[big and small lies]. We started her in therapy when she was around 8 years old to try to get to the root of it. Even she couldn’t see why she was lying. We tried 3 different therapists, but they all seemed to think her lying was age appropriate. My husband and I focused on teaching her the damage of what lies cause, making sure she knew she could come to us with anything, etc. We’ve always been the type to let our kids make mistakes, while knowing we’ll always be there with no judgment, just there to help them do better.”

A recurring problematic aspect arose when the daughter, years later, shared her story for Pride Month on Facebook. The author continues:

“Casey works as a DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) manager for a company. For pride month, the company showcased the LGBTQ+ employees, sharing their stories. I was excited to read Casey’s when she shared it on Facebook. My heart sank when I read it. Casey wrote that her parents were not at all supportive when she came out. She added that we had kicked her out of the house for a week after she told us, but took her back when we were “guilted into it”. I tried to reach out to Casey but she didn’t answer.”

The author responded to the accusations in a Facebook post:

“Many people in her FB comment section were apologizing for the “traumatizing” experience she went through. They were attacking me and my husband. I finally commented that none of this was true. Casey finally got back to me, and said I need to remove my comment. She said [the post] was just a way to get clicks. I said it was a lie, and she posted it so everyone can see, making us look bad. I shared how hurt I was that yet again, she was lying for attention. She then deleted my comment for me.”

Despite her daughter trying to cover up the truth, the author didn’t let the daughter silence her:

“I made a post showing the various pride events we went to, pictures of her girlfriend on vacation with us, even videos Casey took herself of the two of us discussing her journey, etc. I tagged Casey in it. Some still back her up, but most have apologized to me. Her girlfriend also finally called her out on it, and said I’ve always been nothing but nice to her.”

What do you think?

Was the author entirely justified to make a post contradicting the lies her daughter posted online for attention, as the daughter’s attempt to get ‘clicks’ massively hurt other people in her life?

Or was the author wrong to humiliate and embarrass her daughter online, even though her daughter was the one to do just that first?

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