Expectant father misses wife’s pregnancy appointment after rushing to the hospital for sister in ‘serious’ accident

Gillian Sisley

An expectant father is struggling after a fight with his pregnant wife, as he details in his Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The couple in question is awaiting the birth of their second child, and already has a four-year-old son. The author's wife suffers from high anxiety about this pregnancy as the couple has previously lost a baby. The author explains further:

“My wife is pregnant, suffering from complications, and we have weekly appointments since she’s high-risk. She also has very high anxiety about this pregnancy since we have lost [pregnancies] in the past, so I always make sure I’m off or available on days of her appointments to go with her. We also have a 4-year-old son, who has autism. Our son is specifically hard to get up and ready, especially quickly, he throws tantrums or hides when he does not want to do something, and it can be a struggle trying to get him out of the house.”

The author was on his way to one of the weekly appointments, when his mother called saying his sister was being rushed to the hospital. He continues:

“A few days ago, was our appointment, but I got a call from my mother saying my sister was being rushed to the hospital and it was super serious. I explain to my wife, and head out there 40 minutes away. I find out it was not as serious as they thought and my sister had a minor concussion and dislocated knee. My mom is known to be dramatic. I tell my wife, and she’s furious because I missed the appointment and she ended up being late because our son wasn’t cooperating and how he screamed most of the appointment. When I’m there, it’s easier to calm him down when he gets overwhelmed.”

Upon returning home, the wife became 'furious' that the author had missed the appointment:

“She told me she sees where my priorities are. I told her it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know my sister wasn’t actually seriously injured, and she told me that she’s my wife, carrying our child, and that she needed me there but I wasn’t reliable. She began ranting about ‘what if she found out that day something was wrong with the baby, and I wasn’t there’. I said ‘but you didn’t’, and she completely flipped. She’s still being weird, and has been nagging me not to miss this next appointment. I know it’s probably the pregnancy hormones, but am I really in the wrong?”

According to Lamaze International, due to the pregnancy hormones, small issues can heighten into conflict, and understanding the underlying issues behind negative reactions is key during a difficult time. But with some open communication, expectant couples can understand each other's feelings and find some sort of resolution, as detailed by The National Partnership for Women & Families.

What do you think?

Was the author justified to go to rush to the hospital when his sister was injured, especially as his mother said it was ‘serious’, even though it meant missing the pregnancy checkup?

Or should the author always choose his wife and her comfort over all else, as she is anxious during this pregnancy and is carrying his child?

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