Cosplayer with vision disability ‘Forbidden’ from attenting event across the country without ‘Protective’ boyfriend

Gillian Sisley

For one couple, the reality of work commitments threatens the fulfillment of their dreams, as detailed in a Reddit post.

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The author, who is from Louisianna, whose temporary employment status prevents him from taking any vacation days, and his girlfriend Jenny, who was accepted to perform at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, are faced with a difficult decision. He explains further:

“Context is required here. My girlfriend is disabled, and has incredibly poor eyesight, so I tend to be pretty protective. We live together, and we’ve gone to cons in our home state (Louisiana) and in nearby states a few times. This would be the furthest away. She was accepted as a performer at an anime expo in Los Angeles. I’d love for her to perform, but her assigned spot is for Monday. I work M-F 8-5, and until I hit the 90-day mark. I’m classified as temporary, I’m not eligible for benefits, including PTO, until then, and highly doubt I’d have any days off by the time anime expo rolls around.”

Living with a disability can be a difficult experience that is often filled with tremendous obstacles. It’s important to provide disabled individuals with support and recognize the power of their independence, as detailed by According to the Endeavour Foundation, a strong support system that understands their challenges and strengths helps individuals with disabilities set and reach goals that improve their quality of life, enable greater independence, and foster self-determination.

The author voiced his concerns, as he continues:

“When she brought it up today, I said I’d love to go to the con if we could make it work financially, but I can’t take Monday off, and I wouldn’t want her to stay in another state without me for a day. She brought up that one of her friends lives in Los Angeles and that another friend from Houston did take that day off and would be in Los Angeles for the con.”

His girlfriend didn’t like the sound of this, as he concludes with:

“I said I wouldn’t even want her to stay out of state an extra day without me if it was with my best friend I’ve known since kindergarten (I’m generally somewhat anxious of the world and tend to plan as if the worst-case scenario is likely). Would I be in the wrong for saying that my girlfriend can’t stay in another state on the other side of the country for an extra day if I have to go back for work?”

What do you think?

Is the author justified in wanting to protect his girlfriend, who suffers from a disability and would be across the country without him?

Or is the author taking his ‘care’ too far, to the point of trying to take away his girlfriend’s autonomy by forbidding her from doing things with other people, or on her own?

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