Man chastised for giving girlfriend’s best friend expensive concert tickets; better gift than girlfriend gave

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A Reddit post discusses a scenario in which a man attended his girlfriend's best friend's birthday dinner with her, and gave her a gift that made his girlfriend feel "cheap".

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The author explains that he became close with his girlfriend’s best friend after the couple started dating, and that the best friend gifted him an expensive sports jersey for his birthday, so he wanted to return the favor and give her a gift of equal value for her birthday. He explains further:

“This friend's birthday was a couple of days ago and she invited my girlfriend and I to her birthday dinner with some other girlfriends of theirs. Since she got me such a sentimental and cool gift, I wanted to give her something equally exciting. I ended up buying her a pair of tickets to a concert of an artist she posts a lot on her social media (about $150) so I was pretty sure that she would like the gift.”

However, when the author's gift was opened, everybody at the dinner was "stunned". He continues:

“After finishing dinner, she opened the gifts that she received. I didn't really think much of it and went along with it. My girlfriend bought her a nice watch and she seemed to like it. When I gave my gift, everybody for some reason seemed stunned and the friend was really happy about the tickets. Apparently, they are all pretty big fans of the artists and the tickets weren't easy to come by. For some reason, my gift became the topic for the rest of the night. Some of our friends started joking that they wanted to become my best friend so that I could buy them gifts. I didn't really think much of it because it really just seemed that they were joking around.”

The author mentions the fact that he and his girlfriend’s best friend have become close since he started dating his girlfriend, and have been able to connect over common interests like sports and cars, something his girlfriend does not share with him. The author concludes with:

“But after the night finished, and while driving back to my girlfriend's place, my girlfriend seemed genuinely mad and upset with me. I asked her if anything was wrong and she just started going off on me about how I embarrassed her in front of all her friends by buying her best friend a better gift than she did. I asked her what exactly upset her by my gift and she said that it was the fact that I made her look cheap with the gift she gave.”

This situation has left the author a little confused, wondering why it is wrong to show appreciation towards someone who has gone out of their way to show generosity towards him, as highlighted by Reader’s Digest. According to House Beautiful, this is how issues can arise in relationships between people close to each other, even if there is no malicious intent behind any of the actions carried out.

What do you think?

Was the author just being kind with the gift he gave his girlfriend’s best friend, and his partner is overreacting by being upset?

Or does this indeed look bad when a man gives such an extravagant gift to someone who isn’t his partner, and he shouldn’t have given a better gift to his girlfriend’s best friend than what she gave?

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