Wife chastises husband after he didn’t ‘Wait’ to use the bathroom; inconveniences her by going Number 2

Gillian Sisley

A husband was left feeling flabbergasted after his wife told him she wouldn’t be home until later, only for her to show up minutes after he did, as explained in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author begins by explaining that he was coming home from work in a suit and was looking forward to taking it off and using the restroom. He explains further:

“She told me that she wasn’t home (30 mins away) but that she was gonna pick up our dog from her parent’s house and she would either let our son play there for a bit or just leave him there and head home. She essentially said, “Don’t expect me to be there as soon as you get home.” I get home from work in a suit and it’s hot outside so all I’m thinking about is taking off the suit and using the restroom. I do that and as I’m sitting on the toilet, I check her location and see that she’s 6 mins away. I’m thinking, “Damn, she’s gonna get upset because she needs my help getting inside the house with our dog or something”.”

He thought he’d better text her saying he was using the restroom, but instead was met with an angry response upon his arrival downstairs. He continues:

“I was shocked to see her get home 10 mins after I got home, not only that, our son was also with her, pretty much contradicting what she said earlier. I texted her, “Sorry I’m in the restroom rn” when I saw her parked outside. When I get downstairs she was pissed that me using the restroom was “more of an urgency” than helping her get the kids inside the house.”

When spouses undermine each other, it can lead to increased levels of dissatisfaction in the relationship. Psych Central has found that when one partner questions the judgment of the other, or undermines their actions, it can lead to feelings of mistrust, insecurity, and powerlessness. It can also lead to feelings of resentment, increased stress, and a lack of motivation for the partner whose judgment has been questioned, as detailed by Fatherly.com.

The author was confused, as he concludes with:

“She said that I knew she was coming, so she was surprised I didn’t wait, but in reality, I wasn’t expecting her soon! She also said that this reminds her more and more that she’s able to be a single parent and doesn’t need my help.”

What do you think?

Was the author justified in using the restroom once he got home from work, since when nature calls, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do?

Or is the wife indeed in the right to be angry with her husband for using the washroom at a time that was inconvenient to her, even if he really had to go?

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