Son of government minister makes ‘Big Mistake’ with cultural dress code before meeting President, yelled at by father

Gillian Sisley

The son of a government minister found himself in a difficult situation at the prospect of meeting the president of his home country, as explained in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author begins by explaining that his father is a government official, which comes with some political complications. He explains further:

“I'm 20, and my dad works for the government of my home country as a minister but I was raised in the States and only visit during summer. Recently, we were going to meet the president of my country (Niger) and we had to wear these long arab styled robes to appear formal.”

According to, it’s important to research the dress code tradition in a given setting in order to ensure that you are following accepted industry or cultural standards. Additionally, Columbus Direct recommends that you dress more formally than you may assume is necessary as a sign of respect for the workplace and those you are meeting with.

His father, upon realizing his son’s dress error, was enraged. The author continues:

"I was wearing shorts underneath. My dad saw that, he got super angry, in fact, one of the angriest I might have ever seen, and nearly swore by saying, 'Are you kidding?’, and screamed at me to change."

The author went on to explain that he couldn't explain himself, which only infuriated his father more. The author concludes with:

"He probably thought I was being disrespectful, but I only go to my home country for vacation and didn't know you could not wear shorts underneath. I did not mean to show I don't care but I couldn't explain myself. I went up to get longer pants and when I came down, he was still pretty angry and asked if I'm stupid or something.”

What do you think?

Was it understandable that the author was confused about the dress code, and that he would make a mistake, which is understandable?

Or should the author have made more of an effort to research the culture and dress codes of the country he was visiting, especially as his father works as a government official in that country?

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