Man with pregnant girlfriend demands right to attend concert 5 hours away; “She’ll be 8 ½ months pregnant”

Gillian Sisley

A man and his girlfriend have been dating for two years and have been making plans to move in together soon, but things didn’t quite turn out, as detailed in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author beings by explaining that he and his girlfriend have been dating for two years now, with plans to move in together, especially as his girlfriend is now pregnant. Unfortunately, the author’s recent plans caused a problem between the couple. He explains:

“The conflict is that I want to go out with my friends, we want to go to a concert and hang out afterward. My girlfriend can't go around those places anymore as she shouldn't be around people smoking or drinking (she's pregnant) and I honestly just want some time alone with friends. I told my girlfriend this and she told me off for thinking about having fun in this moment instead of being with her.”

The author continues:

“I told her it's just one night but she argued it's more time since we'll have to drive there and back. She's angry because by that time we'll already be living together and I want to leave her alone. I argued again that's not that bad, but she said I can't leave her alone then because it'll be dangerous. We argued about all of this, I need to buy the tickets for the concert if I'll go or not, so I'm unsure what to do now.” advises that relationships require stability in order to be successful, but it also requires compromise. With compromise there should be mutual respect for the ability to stand alone as an individual, but also for the success of a relationship, according to The Knot.

While the author loves his girlfriend deeply and wants to move in together, he also wants a night out with himself and his friends. Reddit users have offered their suggestions, with one writing:

“You’re in the wrong, but you guys need to have a real talk before moving in together. Your dynamic is going to change a lot when your kid is born and free time is going to be few and far between. That said, you both need to find some time to be individual as well as parents and a couple if you want to maintain sanity.”

Another wrote:

“If you keep on hiding the important facts, like she'll be 8 and 1/2 months pregnant when the concert arrives and the concert is 5 hours away, 10 hours round trip... then, you know very well that you're in the wrong. What are you getting out of this? Lying to internet strangers in order to make yourself look good?”

What do you think?

Is the author justified in wanting to go to a concert with his friends, since he is entitled to have his own life?

Or is the author in the wrong to want to go to a concert so far away, especially when his girlfriend is going to be 8 ½ months pregnant and ready to pop, and he should be nearby?

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