Bridesmaid drops out of wedding party after Cruel April Fool’s Prank; “Only size 8, $3K bachelorette in Paris”

Gillian Sisley

A bridesmaid who was excited to be in her cousin’s wedding got a shock when the bride laid out her ‘rules’, as detailed in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

When 26-year-old Anna received the news that her 29-year-old cousin was getting married, her excitement for the occasion was palpable. The author explains:

“The date is set for April 2024. On April 1st of this year, she sent a PDF to the bridesmaid group chat that really made me angry. It was a list of wedding party responsibilities, rules, and regulations. It included a picture of the bridesmaid dresses that we’d be wearing. They were hideous! And she told us that we’d have to pay $800 for them and that they only went up to a size 8, so anyone bigger than that would need to lose weight before the wedding. That made me so angry because I wear a size 10 but also she’s like a size 12 so even fatter than me!”

Jokes can be harmless, provided they are not made at someone's expense. According to The Conversation blog, a healthy joke should come from a place of mutual respect instead of poking fun at someone's traits or experiences. On the other hand, jokes that involve aggressive teasing or belittling someone else are considered harmful, as detailed by Big Think.

Furthermore, the dress sizes went up to just a size 8, leaving anyone bigger than that needing to ‘lose weight before the wedding’, as Anna puts it. Other rules included how ‘tanned’ they needed to be, requirements for a $3,000 bachelorette party in Paris, and a choreographed dance. The author continues:

“There was more but I was so angry I stopped reading and muted the group chat for a few hours. I was so livid and hurt that I decided to drop out of the wedding party, but I didn’t say anything right away. The next day I checked the group chat again and everyone else had been chatting about how funny the bride’s “prank” was. Apparently, at the bottom of the PDF, it said “April Fools” but I hadn’t read that far because I was so mad. Everyone else thought it was hilarious but it still really rubbed me the wrong way.”

The author has decided to stand her ground, and still wants to back out of the wedding party. She concludes:

“Even though it’s been almost two months I’m still really angry. I decided this week that I no longer want to be a bridesmaid because of the mean-spirited prank and told my cousin. Now she’s really hurt and angry, and the Maid of Honor, other bridesmaids, and some of my family members are blowing up my phone saying that I’m overreacting to an “innocent prank.” But I believe that pranks are only funny if the recipient finds them funny, and I definitely didn’t.”

What do you think?

Is the author in the right to drop out of the wedding party, after what she feels was a cruel and hurtful prank?

Or is it true that she’s overreacting, and the author needs to learn how to take a joke?

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