Man insults girlfriend’s outfit, tells her to ‘dress better’ before they go out for dinner at a ‘Fancy’ restaurant

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A couple in an argument over the dress code at a fancier restaurant led to a heated debate on Reddit over who is at fault.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author started by stating she wanted to go to a fancy restaurant with her partner, so the couple looked for an upscale Chinese restaurant. But the author was a bit taken aback when his significant other showed up in a surprising outfit. The author explains:

“Fast forward to the evening, I see her dressed in a t-shirt and worn-down jeans. I ask her why she’s not wearing a dress and she just replies, she doesn’t feel like it. I’m like, “Uhh okay, but I told you it’s a fancy place” and she’s like, “Ah, it’s just a Chinese restaurant”.”

The author tried to prove the restaurant was a fancier place, but she wasn’t interested in hearing it. The author continues:

“I pull up their Instagram and try to show her their feed to convince her that it’s upscale, but she doesn’t even want to look at it. I ask her again to dress appropriately and this time she’s mad and she says we’re not going anywhere tonight. We haven’t talked since then, it’s been a day now. She usually likes to dress up even when we go to a normal bar. This is leaving me confused.”

In the end, communication is the secret to solving any argument. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to talk to one’s partner and figure out what each expects at special outings, especially with things like dress codes, as detailed by Love is Respect. Communication is the key—maybe trying to think of ways to express what one actually means, without using it as an ultimatum to them to do what one wants, according to

Fellow users didn't think the author was in the wrong, with one stating:

“Not in the wrong: dressing up for a restaurant or an event is just basic adulting. You gave her a heads-up in advance regarding how fancy this place was. You mention she has dressed up in the past so she has no trouble doing it. I think the real problem here has yet to be articulated by her. I hope you find out what the real issue is and you can work it out.”

Another noticed:

“The point here is that she put zero effort into her attire for date night. The restaurant perhaps is a bit more upscale and he wanted to look nice. Wearing jeans ripped or not and a t-shirt is for fast food places or a diner…”

What do you think?

Is the author justified in not letting his girlfriend go to a fancy restaurant for dinner dressed in ripped jeans and a t-shirt?

Or was the author being judgemental to comment on his girlfriend’s clothes, and he should let her wear whatever she wants to feel comfortable?

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