Woman offers to fund half-sister’s $200K private education; stepmom furious her kids are not financially supported

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Questioning prejudice and "unfairness" among family members was a hot topic on Reddit recently.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

One woman voiced her dilemma concerning the perceived favouritism for one of her half-siblings, her stepmother's accusations, and the opinion that the stepmother sometimes gives preferential treatment to her own biological children. The author explains:

“I have three half-sisters: Katie, Evie and Ella. Katie is thirteen, Evie is eleven, and Ella is nine. My dad had Katie with his previous girlfriend, but she sadly passed away. Then he had Emma and Mia with his current wife. I have always liked Katie the most. I buy her expensive clothes and games and even take her on trips while I don't do the same for the others. It's not that I hate my other half-sisters; I simply have a better sibling bond with Katie. However, my stepmother merely sees it as blatant favouritism, which is ironic coming from her.”

The author was recently discussing her half-sister Katie, aged 13, with their father and mentioned private school and a college fund, when the stepmother stepped in and alleged that the author was being unfair to her other children by favouring Katie in terms of financial support. The author continues:

"The other day, I was speaking to my dad about sending Katie to private school and even creating a college fund worth $200,000. But I was interrupted by my stepmother, who asked about her children. I knew what she meant, but I purely said that they weren't my problem and that if she wanted, she would have to do it herself. This didn't sit well with her, and she began to rant about all the times I favoured Katie over her children. She even went as low as to accuse me of racism as Katie is a different race from the others and then called me a bigot. Shouting how I am the same prejudiced person I was as a teen, and I haven't changed.”

According to The Financial Post, more than a million adult siblings have already provided some type of financial support to their younger family members, and an increasing number of adults are looking to support their younger relatives, whether it be with educational or basic living expenses. As stated in The Balance blog, the majority of adult siblings are siblings, primarily sisters, who are either supporting college tuition, paying bills, assisting with start-up money, or helping with healthcare expenses for their younger siblings.

The author concludes her post with:

"To be honest, I simply laughed and pointed out that it would make her a hypocrite, considering she treated Katie the same way. She didn't like being called out and walked away. My dad just said he was disappointed in both of us and told me I could afford to do it for all three. But reminded me it was my choice at the end of the day. I don't think I have done anything wrong as it's my money and choice. Nevertheless, I haven't spoiled Katie excessively; it's simply because she deserves it academically. And I just wanted to make life fair for her as she never had a good mother.”

What do you think?

Was the author in the right to offer to provide financial support to one of her half-sisters, who tragically has no mother, and who is treated as ‘lesser than’ by her stepmother?

Or should the author indeed offer to pay for all three of her half-sisters to go to private school, rather than just favoring one of them?

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