Mom of 10-year-old ‘tattles’ to grandma after son is not invited to cousin’s slumber party: “Invite him or else”

Gillian Sisley

Family dynamics can be complicated and it can be difficult for parents to determine the best course of action when a conflict arises, as explained in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

This was the conundrum faced by a woman when her 10-year-old son Julian got excluded from a slumber party. She details in her post:

“I have a 10-year-old son "Julian" who is pretty close with my nephew/his cousin, " Parker." You can't separate them when they are together. I live two blocks away from my brother, his wife, and Parker. I asked my brother on Friday if Parker wanted Julian to spend the weekend at his house since it was a long weekend. My brother said they had already made plans. I asked what plans and maybe Parker would like to have Julian tag along so he has a playmate. He said it was something for his wife.”

According to VeryWell Family, strategies such as validating your child's emotions and helping them understand the difference between feeling left out and being excluded will help the child process the situation. Psychology Today explains that learning to deal with being left out helps to build resiliency and self-esteem, and parents can aid teach their children how to deal with this.

The author, however, soon learned his brother’s ‘plans’ were an excuse. The author continues:

“On Saturday, I found out that my brother lied. Parker actually had a slumber party. I found out because I saw them all walking to Denny’s yesterday morning. I called my brother out and he said he didn't want my son to feel left out so he lied. He said it didn't feel "right" to have an innocent 10yo around a bunch of 12yo boys because they'd "eat him alive." I said that was bull and he needs to text Julian right now and ask if he'd like to join this weekend's slumber party because he'll be crushed if he finds out that he was left out. He said ‘no’.”

The author then called their mother, the grandmother of Julian and Park, who lives with her brother, and explained the situation. The author concludes with:

“I ended up calling our mom who lives with my brother and explained the situation. That caused a lot of drama between her, my brother and my SIL. But my son got invited and declined because he is holding out to go to the aquarium. My brother was livid and I said that if he had asked in the first place then none of this wouldn't have happened and there would be no drama.”

What do you think?

Was the author completely in the right to call her brother out for not inviting his nephew to his son’s slumber party, since it’s not okay to exclude someone from a hangout?

Or is the author being unreasonable, and her son needs to learn that he won’t be invited to everything, and to tattle to the grandmother was out of line and shameful?

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