‘Clean Freak’ Wife, who is obsessed with cleanliness, takes a drink and then puts dirty glass back in cupboard

Gillian Sisley

In today's busy world, people often find it difficult to keep up with their everyday responsibilities, as explained in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

For some couples, juggling everyday responsibilities often means one spouse taking on the majority of the household tasks. One woman recently posted a situation in which she has undertaken a lot of chores in the household. He explains further:

“I am a clean freak. I do all the cleaning, cooking, and chores in the house. My husband and I were having a conversation. In the middle of our conversation, I pulled a glass cup out of the cabinet, got water, drank it, and put it back in the cabinet. He stops talking and looks at me in SHOCK. I ask him what’s wrong and he says he can’t believe I just did that.”

Regular hand washing is one of the most important steps to keeping a kitchen clean and sanitary, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, surfaces should be cleaned regularly with a disinfecting solution or EPA-approved household cleaner, such as Lysol, to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs, as detailed by FoodSafety.gov.

The author asked why he was so surprised and he said that he didn't expect his wife to drink from a cup and put it back in the cabinet. The author continues:

“This is honestly something I always do, so this isn’t abnormal for me. It’s just water. If it was juice, coffee, or anything else, it absolutely goes in the dishwasher. But water?! I tell him that exact thing and he says he can’t believe his WIFE would ever do such a thing. Being disgusted, he walked away from me.”

The author then posed the question: was she in the wrong? People on Reddit chimed in with a variety of answers. One wrote:

“Don't put "dirty" in quotes like there isn't a ring of spit on that glass just crusting the rim. Most people's behinds are cleaner than their mouths. That glass could sit there for days with spit on it. What is wrong with you? A glass is used once you USE it.”

Another wrote:

“Everyone is in the wrong. Your husband for leaving all household chores to you. You for not recognizing that you're putting your germs on that glass and then putting it back in the cabinet for someone else. Would you lick a knife and put it back in the drawer? How is the glass different?”

What do you think?

Is the author, as a clean freak, in the wrong to have taken a drink from a glass, put her germs back on it, and then put it back in the cupboard?

Or is this really not a big deal, and the husband is making too much of a deal out of this?

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