Stepmom of 6 bans teenage stepson and friends from house; “They’re too annoying, loud, eat too much”

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In a Reddit thread, a father of 6 opened up about a recent tough experience and the subsequent arguments with his wife.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

As a stepdad, a father of six children, and a husband to his current wife, one man recently found himself feeling overwhelmed and in a complex situation. His oldest child is fifteen, a high school freshman, and he's "really come into his own." He explains further:

“He's in a bunch of clubs and has several friends. His friends like coming over here because our HOA has a pool, tennis court, and basketball court at the clubhouse. We also have a bunch of games in the living room, which they often sit around and play on rainy days.”

However, the author’s wife is not enjoying all of the company they’re receiving. The author continues:

“My wife said she is overwhelmed by the influx of teenagers and wants all the hangouts here to stop. She said they need to hang out at his mom's or stick to the clubhouse because they are annoying and eat too much. I asked if this is going to be the rule for all the kids, because our oldest together (seven) also has a lot of playdates and friends over all the time. Not to mention all the toddlers that fill our home every Sunday after yoga. She says those are different, but I don't see how.” explains that blending families requires consistent unconditional love from all parties, good communication, cooperation, and patience for everyone involved. According to the American Psychological Association, these components, alongside a willingness to learn and adjust to each others' needs, can help couples create a harmonious environment for the children involved.

Expressing his frustrations, the author stated:

"After a few arguments that went nowhere, I told her I don't want to hear any more about my son. She says the same things over and over, and there is no consistency. She says the kids are loud, but our seven-year-old and his friends are much louder. The teens tend to speak pretty much in a normal tone of voice most of the time, whereas the younger kids frequently shriek and yell. The toddlers often scream and wail. My wife said I'm in the wrong, because it's controlling to ban a topic of conversation. She's never had much interest in my oldest though, so I'm not sure why she feels entitled to talk about him to her heart's content. The line must be drawn somewhere.”

What do you think?

Is the author justified to fight for his oldest son’s right to have his friends over, especially if the teens are in a safe spot and not getting into trouble?

Or does the wife have a point in that teenage boys are loud, and annoying, and eat too much, so they should be banned from the house?

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