Woman calls out husband’s friend for getting coworker pregnant, taking mother to court to avoid child support

Gillian Sisley

This Reddit post recounts a painfully awkward situation for a woman’s husband, who is in a strange situation of being both friends and co-workers with two people involved in a dispute.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author's husband explains that he has a friend and colleague, named Frank, who had a one-night stand with Marlene, and Marlene ended up pregnant. Frank is now trying to get out of child support, claiming that Marlene told him she could not get pregnant. The author explains further:

“Frank hooked up with Marlene, and she ended up pregnant. Now he’s taken her to court to try and get out of child support. His side being that she told him she couldn’t get pregnant after he said he didn’t want kids. My husband has tried to stay neutral on both sides by not talking about it to either side. But at home, it hurts him because we’ve been trying for a kid for 3 years and have been working through some fertility issues. And his friend gets someone pregnant like it’s nothing, and then wants nothing to do with it.”

According to Hopeline Pregnancy Center, some steps for dealing with an unexpected pregnancy include acknowledging one's feelings and beliefs, seeking suitable medical help, and learning about available resources and options. Additionally, Planned Parenthood suggests that those faced with an unexpected pregnancy should consider their health and safety, create a support system, research the options available to them, and talk to somebody they trust about their feelings.

At a ballgame, Frank was present with his new girlfriend, and the author's husband suggested they all socialize together. However, the author has no intention of being friendly toward Frank, and the situation ultimately became heated:

“One thing led to another and we’re hanging out together. Ultimately, after the game is over and we’re all hanging out, I end up calling Frank out for it being his responsibility as an adult. He ends the conversation by saying he has had to pay this whole time. I walked away but had to go back and defend my husband, but he wants to hear none of that. Truth hurts. Then Frank’s ‘side piece’ gets involved and we have to leave before I get us kicked out.”

Reflecting on the experience afterward, the author is unsure if they should have talked about the situation in such a public and inappropriate place. She concludes with:

“Was I in the wrong for even talking about it? Maybe a different place at a different time, but I had no intention of seeing him again. Also, he brought it up because he said we’re all family, I said no, he asked why, I said you know why… the rest is history.”

What do you think?

Was the author entirely out of line to say what she did, and she should have just kept her mouth shut because the situation was none of her business?

Or was the author justified to say something, because she was standing up for what was right, and Frank’s actions were wrong and immoral?

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