Man calls out his wife for taking 2 hours to eat 6-inch sub to avoid playing with their 4-year-old daughter

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A husband asked for advice from Reddit users about a disagreement he had with his wife for telling her to “eat her sandwich already” after she had been “eating it slowly on purpose”.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author and his wife went out for a shared 12-inch sub. His wife brought it home and they ate at the kitchen table. The author explains:

“We have a 4-year-old daughter together. When my wife came home from Subway we sat at the kitchen table and ate. During this time, our daughter kind of did her own thing because she just leaves adults alone when they are eating. I finished my 6-inch half of the sub during this time and then went on to entertain my daughter while my wife continued eating. Before I left the table, I noticed my wife had only eaten a couple of bites of her half of the sub. About ten minutes later during a tickle session with my daughter, she ran into the kitchen and wanted to involve her mom who refused at this time and stated, “She was eating her food slowly on purpose”. So our daughter came back to be tickled by me.”

The author then left the house to go to a local spot for a beer and friends. When he came back hours later, his daughter still wanted to play and asked for her mom to join. He continues:

“I come home 1 1/2 hours later at 6:45. At this time my daughter still wanted to play and was trying to engage with my wife. Instead of participating my wife said to me, “Will you please play with her because I have still not been able to finish my sandwich.” So I responded, “Of course I will, but you’ve been eating that slowly on purpose for hours now, so I wish you’d eat it already”.”

The author's experience brings attention to the idea that an honest suggestion or comment can be misconstrued as condescension even when it's said with good intentions, as touched on by Entrepreneur. This is a relatable situation that reflects common misunderstandings in marriage, and offers lessons for other couples to consider, as explained by

The wife didn’t like the sound of this, concluding with:

“She got so upset about what I said and claimed I was yelling at her…(I didn’t even raise my voice about it once), and she’s acting like I am so mean. So am I in the wrong for telling my wife that she hasn’t finished her sandwich due to her own choice to eat it slowly?”

What do you think?

Was the author entirely justified to call his wife out for intentionally eating her meal so slowly that she wouldn’t have to play with their daughter?

Or was the author indeed in the wrong to call his wife out for eating at her own pace, and especially wrong for ‘yelling’ at her?

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