Bride kicks cousin, who was ‘Wailing Like a Baby’ while she walked down the aisle, out of her wedding

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The wedding of a woman and her new husband last month left the bride's cousin ‘wailing and screaming’ from the ceremony hall in outrage—and now the family drama continues, as explained in a Reddit post.

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The bride and groom had decided on a "no-kids" wedding event, knowing they both had plenty of young children between both their families. The author, the bride, explains:

“I never daydreamed of my wedding or what it would look like, I only dreamt of my moment walking down the aisle to my future husband. After a lot of discussion with my fiance, we both made the decision for our wedding to be a NO KIDS wedding. Mainly because we have a lot of children under 10 in both of our families and would prefer our wedding to be an adult event.”

But one cousin, who has three young children under the age of 6, and was offended by the invite. She continues:

“While I love her kids, my cousin allows them to do anything and everything with no consequence. They run, steal, break things, and SCREAM at the top of their lungs if told otherwise or if they don't get their way.”

Refusing the bride's offer of help with the cost of childcare, the cousin forced her into a corner at Thanksgiving:

“She cornered me and demanded I allow them to come. I said no, blaming the venue, or safety reasons, anything I could think of. Suddenly, her kids then kick off their synchronized screaming, and being cornered I broke. Red-faced I yelled at my cousin. I told my cousin that their screaming is the reason I don't want children at my wedding. That a screaming child, while I walk down the aisle, would ruin my one and only moment that I've dreamed of. Not only that, but I wasn't going to be responsible for every item they take, and or break.”

The confrontation resulted in a formal apology from the author and the pair agreed resolution that the cousin would bring a plus one and her husband would stay home with the children. But that wasn't the case when the bride made her grand entrance:

"Fast forward to my wedding. I make my entrance, the doors open, I take 2 steps through, and suddenly SCREAMING. WAILING SCREAMING, BABY-LIKE CRYING just ECHOED through the building. I feel my face turn red everyone's heads snap away from me and immediately to my cousin! She's screaming and making baby crying noises and her plus one is helping!!!!! I felt my face run hot, I was so embarrassed I ran right back out the door. My cousin was dragged out still screaming and wailing like a baby, along with her friend screaming with her. I was so mortified to go back to the ceremony so I made the decision to skip it, and we just went straight to the reception.”

The embarrassing scene led the way for significant family fallout, with some not taking sides. She concludes:

“I am no longer talking to my cousin, turns out she got drunk with her best friend before the ceremony and planned this after I embarrassed her and "bad-mouthed" her kids at Thanksgiving. This moment has divided my family as some agree that what she did was terrible, and the other half wants me to be the "bigger person" and accept my cousin's apology. I just can't seem to get myself to.”

What do you think?

Should the author absolutely cut off all contact with her cousin after she maliciously ruined the author’s wedding ceremony by causing a scene?

Or should the author indeed be a bigger person and forgive her cousin, since the cousin apologized and was just being emotional about her kids?

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