Woman calls out bride and groom at wedding reception for only serving Vegan Food options; “Inconsiderate”

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At a wedding that was supposed to be a special day, one Reddit user faced a dilemma when the wedding meal was entirely vegan.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author, whose sister recently got married, expressed her frustrations about being forced to listen to her sister and brother-in-law talk about vegan food. She explains:

“I (30F) and my sister (32F) have an OK relationship. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst. She met a guy named Riley (33M) and they hit it off so well that he proposed to her 3 months after they started dating. Our parents thought it was too sudden but they left them alone because they’re grown and can make their own decisions. Anyway, my sister and Riley have decided to go vegan. Cool, don’t really care. The only issue I have is that they try to incorporate it into nearly every conversation we have.”

The real dilemma of this post began at the sister’s wedding when the author realized all the dishes served were vegan-based, leaving her confused and unimpressed. She continues:

“At the wedding, I had a fairly great time. Wasn’t too bad. Got to talk to some new people and get out of my comfort zone a bit. The fun arrived to a complete stop when it was time to eat though. All the food was…vegan. Things like bread, tofu salad….I don’t even know, man. I wasn’t the only one confused but the guests still dug in. I wasn’t a fan though.”

On their special day, brides and grooms should be respected and their wishes should be honored, as detailed by The Knot. According to Brides.com, 95% of guests attending a wedding felt it is important to follow wedding etiquette and show respect to the couple.

In a moment of anger, the author talked to her sister and new husband about the issue, as she explains:

“I confronted my sister and Riley and asked what was up with all the vegan food. They said they wanted to “present a different lifestyle to the guests” and joked about “steering them away from meat”. I was pretty disgusted. That sounded rude. I snapped back and said, “If I did the same thing to you guys but with meat, how would you react? Stop being so inconsiderate and learn to cater to your guests”. She told me if I had a problem with it, then “the door is to the left and I don’t need to look back”. I laughed and said there was no way she was kicking me out over me calling them out. She shrugged and then walked away. Riley called me entitled and said I ruined what was supposed to be a special day. I sighed and left.”

As soon as the author departed, her parents had already begun scolding and accusing her of being “judgmental” and “not acting her age". The author shared that it “kept her up at night” as she replayed the confrontation in her head, eventually leading her to ask on Reddit if she was in the wrong for expressing her opinion.

What do you think?

Was the author being rude and entitled by ruining her sister’s wedding day, and she should know by now that when it comes to a person’s wedding day, the bride and groom should get to choose how it goes?

Or was the author valid in pointing out that there weren’t enough food options for all of the guests’ pallets, and they were being inconsiderate of others?

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