Boss tries to ‘dupe’ a dedicated employee of 20 years by forcing her to write a resignation letter

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A long-time employee of a company was devastated to find out she was being asked to take on a role she was not comfortable with, and was given an ultimatum of either taking on the new role or leaving, as her coworker details in her Reddit post.

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The author begins by explaining that despite having a good record and no complaints, the boss refused to keep her co-worker in her current position and gave her two weeks to train someone to take her place.

The fellow employee has now been asked to write a letter of resignation before she leaves, which she feels is going to sabotage her, as the author explains:

“My coworker has been working at this company for about 20 years. She tells the boss that she would like to continue doing the work that she has been doing for the past 20 years instead of having them train a new person to fill her role. The boss refuses and says if she doesn’t want to take on this new role she has no other option but to leave - despite the fact that she has been wonderful at her job with no complaints from others.”

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workers should be aware of their rights and be sure to document any mistreatment in the workplace to protect themselves from possible employer scams. The National Labor Relations Board also recommends that employees with workplace issues should consult with an attorney to protect their rights and make sure they are not being scammed by their employer.

The employee tried to stand her ground and asked to continue doing her job, a job she had done with excellence and without any issues for the past 20 years. But the boss refused and told her that if she didn't take on this new role, she had no other option but to leave. The author concludes:

“Now the boss is trying to force her to write a letter of resignation before she leaves. She feels like her boss is trying to do that so that she can’t file for unemployment but the boss reassures her that actually the letter of resignation will help her to apply for unemployment….. is she being duped?”

What do you think?

Is the author justified in encouraging her coworker to keep her job, to not get duper by her employer?

Or is the coworker just being paranoid, and she should be prepared to move on to another career?

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