Delivery driver demands 50% salary increase when asked to come in 1 hour earlier to work: ‘Unsociable hours’

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Running a business can often be a difficult task, and sometimes it can include difficult conversations with employees. This is the case for one Mumsnet user who is dealing with an issue with one of their delivery drivers.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author runs a healthy meal delivery company and pays her drivers what is considered a ‘livable wage’, with the driver driving from Essex to London every Saturday. She explains:

“I've had one of my delivery drivers for over a year now. I pay her £10 per hour and 45 pence per mile. She drives from Essex to London to collect the deliveries then back to Essex to deliver them every Saturday. She arrives to collect them at 9 am. I texted her asking for the next six weeks if she could be at pick up point at 8 am rather than 9 am.”

According to the United Nations Global Compact, it’s important for business owners to remember that while they should be mindful of their budget, they also must be ethical in how they treat their employees. Business owners should always take into account the needs of their employees and that it may be necessary to provide additional compensation for certain tasks to ensure they are being paid a livable wage, as detailed by Citizens Advice.

However, after the author asked their driver if they could start coming in an hour earlier, she bumped up against some resistance. She continues:

“She replied - 'See to be honest, it’s unsociable hours with it being so early at the weekend and having to get Amelia out of bed etc. I’d have to put my price up to £15 per hour. Let me know if you would be happy to go ahead with that or not. If you can’t though don’t worry I understand, It just means I’ll have to be getting up at 6.30 on a Saturday and my daughter too. Just wouldn’t be worth my while for tenner an hour xx'.”

The author wasn’t pleased to hear this, and feels her employee’s request was unfair. She concludes:

"I was shocked when she asked for an extra £5 per hour for the inconvenience. I felt like it was totally unreasonable and out of the blue."

The post has since garnered a lot of attention, with many authors pointing out that the driver's request was out of line.

"It sounds like she's trying to get more money out of you with no extra work.”

While another user stated:

"It's understandable that she wants to be compensated for the extra time, but asking for a full 50% increase is a bit much.”

The general consensus from authors is that the driver's request for an additional £5 per hour is too high, especially for a one-hour difference.

What do you think?

Is the employee justified in asking for a 50% increase in payment in order to come in an hour earlier for work?

Or is the author justified in thinking that this sort of increase is just far too high, and her employee is being greedy?

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