Wife struggling with weight furious after husband refuses to share birthday cake, suggests health alternative

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Yesterday was a special day for a man in his late twenties as it was his 29th birthday. A close friend had made a small cake to celebrate this joyous occasion. But, part of the day ended up being anything but happy for the man and his wife, as detailed in a Reddit post.

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The author begins by explaining that his wife had been given a weight loss plan by her health provider, where she has to weigh herself every week. He clarifies further:

“It was my birthday yesterday, and a close friend of mine made me a small cake. My wife has been prescribed a weight loss plan by the dietitian she goes to. She has to weigh herself every week and lose her target 3 pounds.”

According to the American Psychological Association, it is important for spouses to be supportive of each other's health and wellness goals, such as weight loss or taking care of physical health. Encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and providing emotional support can be instrumental in helping a spouse reach their goals, as detailed by the National Institutes of Health.

However, on this week's weigh-in, she found that she had gained weight instead, as the author details in his post:

“This week, for the third time in a row she gained weight after snacking on a bunch of junk food and therefore failed her weigh-in. She asked to have some of my birthday cake, and I told her to eat the dinner I made first so she can have some nutritious food before eating sugary cake.”

This suggestion did not go over well with the wife, who got upset and is still mad at the man. This situation has caused a bit of a rift between the two, and the man is now feeling a bit disheartened.

The man in the Reddit post shared his story, and many people had some advice to share. One user commented:

"You aren't wrong for suggesting she eat something healthier first, but it's not a good way to handle the situation. You should be supportive and understanding of her struggles."

Other users suggested that the author try and have a conversation with his wife to get to the root of the issue. One user said:

"You should try and talk to her. She might be feeling a lot of stress and pressure from the dietitian, and it's understandable that she's lashing out."

What do you think?

Was the author justified to keep his wife accountable by suggesting she finish her nutritious dinner before having some cake?

Or was the author shaming his wife in a terrible way, and he should be more understanding of her situation and struggles?

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