Mom and sick 4-year-old instantly kicked out of friend’s house after little girl has accident all over host’s hallway

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When it comes to protecting the health of loved ones from potential exposure to infectious diseases, one woman found herself in a difficult situation recently, as she details in her Mumsnet post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author starts off by saying that she had made arrangements for a friend and their 4-year-old daughter to stay in her home for the weekend, however, when the friend arrived, it was clear that the young girl was unwell. The author describes the situation, writing:

“Within a few seconds, my friend announces she has a wee bit of a cough (I could deal this) but it was very clear when I heard her that it was a very active new cough and she did not look well. Full of a virus/hacky cough/snot everywhere and bright cheeks. Was miserable and screaming. She then vomited in my hallway and I checked temp which was 39!”

This situation is an important reminder of the importance of having conversations about health and safety protocols with friends and family, as indicated by Positive Psychology. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also points out that, while it’s important to be understanding and compassionate when it comes to visitors who are unwell, the host’s personal safety must also be taken into consideration.

Due to the author’s own complex health condition, she had put in place a strict policy that if anyone was unwell, they were not allowed in her home. This left them in a difficult position as they had to tell their friend that they would need to find alternative accommodation, as she continues:

“I am an awful friend but I told them they had to leave. The only options were to travel back 3 hours or to go to a local hotel. I gave them the choice and I would pay for the hotel. I’m angry, she’s angry , we have had a bit of a big fall out and I feel like a terrible friend.”

The decision to ask the friend to leave left the author feeling guilty and she was concerned she had caused a “big fallout” between them.

It is an unfortunate situation to be in, as it is understandable the author wants to protect her own health, but also doesn't want to hurt the feelings of their friend.

What do you think?

Was the author entirely justified to kick out her friend and her friend’s 4-year-old child after it was clear they were a potential health risk?

Or was the author being too rash and hasty, and she should have been a little more understanding of the situation and come up with another solution, rather than kicking the pair out of her home?

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