Dad of 6-month-old who has extreme reaction over two unleashed puppies at park cusses at dog owner

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A father's lunch outing with his family at a neighborhood park quickly turned into a heated confrontation after two unleashed puppies ran up to them. The father has now written on Reddit about the incident, to find out whether or not he was in the wrong for how he behaved.

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The author begins by explaining that he is a new dad, and has really been enjoying this new phase of life. He details:

“I have a 6-month-old son. Best kid in the entire world. We are at the neighborhood park, (not a dog park and all dogs are supposed to stay leashed) and my son, my wife and I are having a picnic. Its going great. Baby is on a big blanket and having the time of his life rolling around, playing, giggling. Its a blast seeing him so happy.”

The author continues that their great time was turned into an unpleasant incident. The author, who expresses his dislike of dogs, explains the situation:

"We are at the neighborhood park, (not a dog park and all dogs are supposed to stay leashed). Next thing I know there is a pair of puppy's coming right at us. They are unleashed, and their owner is just standing on the walking path looking at them running toward us."

Pet negligence is classified as a pet owner being unreasonably careless and unable to control their dog, as explained by Insurance Information Institute. Especially when dogs are unleashed in an area where they were supposed to be leashed, if the dog owner hasn’t followed the rules, they could be charged for any poor behavior from the pets.

The father picked up his son and yelled at the dog owner for his negligence. The wife also joined in the yelling, as the author details:

"He starts getting mad at us. He says they are friendly and just wanted to play, they aren't going to hurt anyone. I tell him he just ruined our lunch. He excuses his and the dogs behavior by saying they are puppies."

The father continued to cuss at the other man, who eventually grabbed his dogs and left. The author concludes:

“He finally leaves but he ruined our lunch. In hindsight, I may have been to aggresive with him.”

What do you think?

Was the author justified to be furious after two puppies rushed at his newborn family at the park, when they were meant to be on a leash?

Or was the author overreacting, and the puppies weren’t going to do any harm, so he shouldn’t have yelled and cussed at the dog owner?

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