‘He’s not good enough’: Woman who exposes her future brother-in-law’s ‘dark’ past criticized after he calls off wedding

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A woman recently sparked a heated debate after revealing her younger sister's fiancé had a shocking history. The woman’s sister had recently gotten engaged to a 23-year-old man, but the man isn’t who she thought him to be, as the woman details in her Reddit post.

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At a recent family event, the author explains that her future brother-in-law, whom she and her family originally adored, "disappeared for a while" before she bumped into him outside. He was emotional and confided in her about his past, as she explains in her post:

"He ended up offloading some quite shocking things from his past including that he has a history of very serious [addiction] and that he has done [adult] work."

Although the author let her future brother-in-law cry on her shoulder, she admitted the conversation changed her perception of him. She told her sister what he had revealed, but her sister was furious, telling her she was "fully aware" of his past troubles and still intended to marry him.

A study published by the National Institute of Health found that with the right support, individuals recovering from addiction can find resilience and build a new life. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) also acknowledges that recovery is possible with a combination of support, community involvement, and strength of character.

That said, the author didn’t stop there, and went on to tell the rest of her family about what the fiancé had confided in her, which resulted in him calling off the wedding, as he felt he was "not good enough" for his bride.

To top it all off, the author’s actions haven’t been received well, as she explains further:

"My sister is refusing to speak to me. I'm concerned that my sister will get hurt and I don't think it's unreasonable for my family to have access to the same information I do, especially when they're inviting him to their homes and there are children around etc."

Though the author feels she’s done the right thing, she’s starting to question herself now that her sister still refuses to talk to her. She concludes:

"I think it's naive to pretend that you see someone exactly the same way after finding out they're an addict.”

Most online users were horrified by the author’s actions, and scolded her in the comment section of her post. One user wrote:

“I hope your sister never, ever talks to you again. You just imploded her life.”

Another said:

“I highly doubt [you] did it out of the goodness of [your] heart and more so that [you] can gossip.”

What do you think?

Did the author do the right thing by telling her entire family the truth about her sister’s fiance’s past, and one day, her sister will thank her?

Or was the author way out of line with what she did, and it was not at all her place to judge or humiliate the poor man who had worked so hard to overcome his troubled history?

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