Flexible gymnast shamed for performing splits and stretches at family event of boyfriend

Gillian Sisley

In a world where women are under constant scrutiny and judged for the way they dress and act, one woman stands up to defend her right to be herself. The young woman describes the incident at hand, and outlines it in a Reddit post.

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The author, a 24-year-old gymnast, begins by explaining that she was recently at a pool party with her boyfriend and his family. After being asked to show off some of her gymnast moves, she obliged. She explains further:

“One of his cousins asked me if I could still do all the moves and stretches. I played along, put down my drink and did a standing split, lifting my leg and holding it behind my head. It was a seemingly normal cute moment, whatever. People clapped, we laughed, moved on.”

Though the author thought this was all innocent and fun, to her dismay, she was met with criticism from her boyfriend’s sister. She continues in her post:

“My boyfriend’s sister mentioned to me that she thought it was an inappropriate thing for me to do in that setting. She said it was “suggestive” to do that in a bikini in front of a mixed audience. I told her I didn’t agree, it was a very basic gymnasts (and even yoga) pose, just all in good fun. Now I’m getting the cold shoulder.”

The gymnast’s situation is a reflection of a larger issue in society, as touched on in Times magazine. Women are constantly judged for the way they dress and act, and any behavior deemed “inappropriate” is met with criticism. In a society that is constantly trying to put women in boxes, i’;s important that they stand up for themselves and resist the pressure to conform. No women should ever be ashamed of their bodies, their passions, and their beliefs.

Though the author has been receiving the cold shoulder from another woman, online users have praised her resilience. One Reddit user said:

“I really admire how she stood up for herself. She should be proud of herself and her abilities.”

Another wrote:

“It’s hard enough as it is to be a woman, much less a woman with a passion for something like gymnastics.”

What do you think?

Was it indeed inappropriate for the author to do what she did at the family pool party, and she shouldn’t do such moves in a bikini, or in front of men?

Or is her boyfriend’s sister being a misogynist, and more than likely she’s just jealous of the author’s flexibility and abilities?

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