Woman who was banned from letting injured cat outside chastised for doing it anyway: ‘Now he doesn’t trust me’

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A Reddit post about a woman who opened the door for her boyfriend's beloved cat, Libby, has sparked a heated debate amongst animal lovers. She justifies her actions as best she can.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

It all started when the author wrote that her partner lives with his cat, and that he had decided to keep her indoors after she had been injured in a terrible incident. She explains:

“She's 2 years old and has always gone outside. But he is stopping that as she injured her paw quite badly and had scratches on her after another cat attacked her."

The incident has highlighted the strong bond between people and their pets, and the importance of trust and respect in a relationship, as detailed by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute. It also serves as a reminder that violence, both physical and emotional, is never acceptable in any relationship.

The author, however, noticed that Libby was very insistent on wanting to go outside. For this reason, she went against her boyfriend’s instructions and opened the door for Libby, leading to her boyfriend kicking her out of his apartment. She continues:

“He started freaking out when he couldn't find her and I told her I let her out. He got really angry and asked 'why the [heck] would you do that when I told you I don't want MY cat outside?’.”

The post sparked hundreds of responses from Reddit users, many of whom were critical of the author’s actions.

One Reddit user wrote:

"Not your cat, not your home, and not your vet bills to pay if the cat had gotten injured. I would break up with you."

Another commented:

"Cats that go outside have a shorter life span and risk getting attacked by other animals, hit by cars and risk getting diseases and ticks."

The author concludes with:

"He says that he doesn't trust me in his house anymore or near his cat.”

What do you think?

Was the author justified to let the cat out when she wanted to go outside, despite her boyfriend’s anxiety?

Or was the author in no place to make such a decision, as the cat belongs to her boyfriend and he gets to call the shots on what happens to his pet?

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