College student gets kicked out of sister's home after refusing to babysit 5-year-old nephew for free

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A family of three, living in a different state than their extended family, was thrust into a tumultuous situation when the husband and wife had to ask the wife's sister to babysit their son while they worked, which resulted in a dramatic fallout, as outlined in a Reddit post.

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The author begins her post by explaining that her sister, a college student, has been living with the author, her husband and her 5-year-old son, for three months and has not contributed to the household in any way, as she details in her post:

“My sister had some issues with her roommates [so she’s living with us]. She doesn't work but my parents send her some money for textbooks and groceries although she barely ever has contributed to the household since she moved in with us.”

The author continues that her babysitter recently had to quit due to medical issues, and the couple asked their sister to fill in the role until they could find a new babysitter. The sister, however, didn’t take this so well, as stated in the post:

“She told me she never agreed to babysit when she moved in here and that I should've told her beforehand so she could find somewhere else to live. I told her that I knew this wasn't our agreement but this was something exceptional since our babysitter has medical issues. She still told me she can't babysit because sometimes she has to go to the library or to study with friends and babysitting would limit her hours of studying.”

The couple's situation highlights the importance of communication in a family dynamic, as backed by BetterHelp. Multicultural Caregiving advises that it’s important to discuss expectations and roles before any situation arises, especially when a loved one is moving in with another. The author’s extended family's reaction also demonstrates the difficulty of making decisions when those around you don't agree.

The author got angry and told her sister that she was not contributing and that she had a week to leave, as the family would not provide food or a roof for someone like her. She concludes:

"My sister tried to apologize but I told her I don't want to live with her because she showed me her true colors. She also has told our family and a lot of them are giving me [flack] for leaving my sister homeless. My husband, my in laws and friends support me but it feels hash if my family isn't on my side, makes me think I'm [in the wrong] to be honest.”

What do you think?

Is the author justified to kick out her little sister for refusing to help out with childcare temporarily, especially as the sister doesn’t contribute in any way to the household, financially or otherwise?

Or was the author overreacting by kicking her sister out and leaving her homeless, as her sister is in school and is trying to gain her education?

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