Mom-to-be who angers friends with ‘cruel’ name choices for unborn baby refuses to change decision

Gillian Sisley

Expectant parents have a lot to consider when naming their unborn child, from traditional values to modern trends. For one couple, the choice may be more controversial than they anticipated, as detailed in a Mumsnet post.

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The author begins by explaining that she and her husband are expecting their first child in several months, and they’re getting flack for their baby name choices. She elaborates:

“We are both fans of traditional names and so have decided on Arthur for a boy or Edith for a girl (we've decided to wait until the actual birth to find out the gender). I think these names are really sweet and could work for both a child and adult.”

Naming a baby is a deeply personal decision and one that often has lasting implications. There’s a lot of pressure on parents to choose a name that won’t make their child an outcast or that won’t be too popular, while traditional names can provide a strong foundation for children, as suggested by Very Well Family.

The couple’s families were supportive of the choice, but their friends had a different opinion:

“When I mentioned it to my friends they started laughing and told me it was cruel to name our child something so old fashioned as they'll be ridiculed at school. My husband and I don't see where they're coming from but I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this?”

Mumsnet users weighed in on the situation after the author’s pleas. One user stated:

“Your friends don’t know much about what kids are being called atm then. Every second baby boy I know is called Arthur so I can’t see any being picked on there.”

Another user offered:

“I'd hate to think what your 'friends' would chose. Arthur and Edith are both lovely names, no spelling or pronunciation issues, both have nice nicknames for small children.”

What do you think?

Should the author change the names she chose, since her friends don’t seem to like the names at all and feel they’re cruel?

Or should the author continue as she and her husband planned, and it’s ultimately their choice which names they land on?

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