Teen who claims mother is ‘starving her’ throws a tantrum when offered tomato soup and garlic bread

Gillian Sisley

In the age of environmental awareness and sustainable living, many families are attempting to reduce their consumption of goods and resources. One family recently attempted this, with unexpected results, as detailed in a Mumsnet post.

The mother of the family posted on Mumsnet about an incident that happened after she attempted to make a meal with what they had in the house. Her family members, however, weren’t exactly happy. She explains:

“So I am really trying to use everything we have in the house before shopping for more. Today I made homemade tomato soup and garlic bread. My teen complained it's not filling enough so they dont want that.”

The post highlights a common issue faced by many families, especially those that are trying to reduce their consumption of resources and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Although it can be difficult in the face of children’s complaints, parents are often expected to put their foot down and stick to their decisions to reduce food waste and eat more ethically, as outlined by Perch Energy.

When the teen complained of being hungry, the mother gave her some suggestions of what the teen could make for herself. She continues:

“Cue her complaining for the next hour that she is starved, I gave her a list of things she could eat, tuna pasta, tuna mayo jacket potato, omelet, pesto pasta, even cereal.”

The mother concludes:

“She has now gone off in a strop because I won't go to the shop to buy her something saucy (?!) she hasn’t eaten because nothing sounds nice. And now she’s gotten her dad involved saying I am starving her. Ahhhh.”

The author’s post resonated with many other Mumsnet users, who commented on their own experiences with similar situations. One user wrote:

“I think they forget that food doesn't just appear when they ask for it.”

Another user said:

“My daughter is the same, nothing is ever good enough.”

What do you think?

Was the author being unreasonable and accommodating by not going to the store to get something the teen would like to eat?

Or is this a good lesson for the teenager that you can’t get everything you want, whenever you want, and money doesn’t just grow on trees?

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