Landlady who tried to steal 18-year-old’s baby receives karmic justice in a massive way

Gillian Sisley

At 18 years old, one woman found herself in an unexpected situation: she was pregnant and her parents had abandoned her, and has written about the incident in a Reddit post.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author begins by explaining that she got pregnant at 18, but didn’t have any support when it happened. The father of the baby had also abandoned her, joining the Navy to avoid responsibility. With no financial or emotional support, the author found herself in a desperate situation. She elaborates:

“The father joined the Navy to escape responsibility. My parents (who are strict conservatives except when it's inconvenient) abandoned me and cut me off financially. They wanted me to have an abortion to prevent the loss of my scholarship.”

Fortunately, the author found an unlikely savior in the form of the property manager, Donna, at her private dorm. Donna swooped in to help, offering the author a place to stay and a job at a local gift shop. At first, the author thought Donna was a hero, but then learned the woman had an ulterior motive. She continues:

“I thought she was the most wonderful person for all of this until her true motives became clear. She wanted to adopt my baby, even though I had expressed no interest in giving my baby up for adoption. After a few weeks of work, she launched a campaign to convince me I was unfit to be a mother and that my baby would be so much better off if I let Donna have it.”

Donna would make passive-aggressive remarks about how much money she and her husband had and how a wonderful life she would give her baby. She also began to aggressively point out things that the author did or didn’t do that “proved” what a bad mother she would be. She details the harassment in her post:

“She went into long rants about how awful I was for having a baby without a father, how we'd be "welfare trash" forever, how God brought her into my life because she was MEANT to have my baby. It was endless and constant, for months.”

When it became clear that the author wasn’t going to give the baby up, Donna started to threaten the author with eviction from her apartment and firing her from her job.

Fortunately, the author was able to take action and file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. As a result, Donna was fired and the author got back pay and extra money for her trouble. This small windfall provided enough financial stability for the author to have her baby and get back in school.

Years later, the author bumped into Donna again, where some karmic justice was delivered:

“I saw her years later and she was still childless. Best Revenge: My daughter is now getting ready to graduate, full scholarship and magna cum laude, from a top law school. Turns out being raised by a single mom is not as awful as Donna thought! :)”

What do you think?

Did Donna get everything she deserved by getting fired from her job for harassing a young and innocent pregnant woman?

Or was what happened to Donna a little too extreme, and she was really just trying to help the author and look out for the baby?

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