Stay-at-home mom of 4-year-old, 1 hour late to coffee date, furious after friend puts foot down and stands her up

Gillian Sisley

As a stay-at-home mom, Samantha has had her hands full since her daughter’s birth. However, her friend is now getting frustrated with having to put all the effort into the relationship, as she’s written on Reddit.

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The author begins by explaining that her friend, Samantha, has a 4-year-old child, and out of respect for their friendship and understanding for the strain of a having a young child, the author always made the 45-minute journey to meet Samantha at her home. She explains:

“Recently, I started to put my foot down and wanted her to meet me halfway. I felt like her kid (she only has Katie) was old enough to handle being outside and I was tired of driving just to hang at her house. We always picked a place halfway, so I felt like it was doable.”

But during their last three hangouts, Samantha was more than 30 minutes late. She insisted that she had earned “mom privileges” due to having to wrangle her kid into the car and perform other “mom things” that the friend wouldn’t understand. That was when the author started to lose her patience:

“She asked to hang out this past weekend, and I told her that if she was late again, I'd leave. Lo and behold, the day came and she was late. After 30 minutes, I got up and left, but went to hang in the coffeeshop across the street because I was curious just how late she'd be. She was over an hour late.”

After Samantha was exceptionally late, the author had had enough. When Samantha found out that her friend had left, she started blowing up the author’s phone:

“She said that I was callous and selfish for making her drive 25 minutes away from home with a toddler only to leave, and that she only ever came out for my benefit. I told her that I hang out with multiple friends who bring their kids out with us, and they're never late, so it was pretty [bad] to blame being late on Katie. Samantha just kept pulling the "you're not a mom so you wouldn't get it" card.”

The author was then informed that Samantha had been discussing their disagreement in a mommy group, accusing her of bullying her for putting her child first. Feeling a little guilty, the author isn’t sure if she should reach out or not.

What do you think?

Was the author justified to refuse to wait after her friend was so late for their date, as her friend wasn’t respecting the author’s valuable time?

Or is the author indeed being selfish and cruel to have left, and she couldn’t possibly understand what a busy mother has to juggle?

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