Whiney man who complains that wife didn’t ‘pack his luggage right’ blasted for being incompetent

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A last-minute work trip has led to a heated disagreement between a married couple. The husband has now written on Reddit to find out whether or not he was in the wrong.

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The author, who had a last-minute business trip, asked his wife to help him out by doing some laundry. He explains:

“I needed new work slacks for the trip since I’ve primarily been working from home in my current company, so we had to make a late night run to the local Walmart to get a few pairs. We also got some button up shirts. When we got home I had some stuff to finish up with the planning so I asked my wife to wash my new clothes so that my shirts weren’t so wrinkly. I handed her the shirts to wash separately and put the pants in the dirty laundry.”

The author thought everything was fine, but he was then in for a nasty surprise. He continues:

“While [my pants] washed she packed my suitcase and then added the shirts when they were done. When it came time to leave, I verified everything was packed by asking her if she packed my pants. She said yes. Cue to late the next night when I arrive at my hotel and my slacks aren’t in there—only my brown khakis and gray khakis.”

The couple's heated disagreement demonstrates the importance of communication in a marriage, which is one of the most important factors of a relationship, as indicated by Marriage.com. Though things can get hectic while packing and travelling last minute, couples need to take the time to communicate clearly in order to avoid misunderstandings, as advised by Psych Central. The wife in this case said that she was only trying to do what was asked of her, so it is important for couples to be clear about their expectations.

The author called his wife frustrated, asking where his slacks were. She got defensive, explaining that she did not realize he meant his slacks by "pants". She also said that she was busy packing his things, and that it was unreasonable for him to be upset with her for not doing a second load of laundry at midnight. The author concludes:

“In the end she attempted to make me feel better by saying that it would be okay and my work would understand that sometimes things get a bit hectic with packing and traveling last minute (and I can buy more in the evening hopefully). I feel kind of bad cause I could tell she was frustrated with me for blaming her, but in my defense I did ask her if she had packed everything.”

Overall, this situation serves as an important reminder that communication is key to a successful marriage. If a couple takes the time to communicate clearly, it can help them to avoid misunderstandings and build a stronger relationship.

What do you think?

Was the author justified in being angry with his wife for not washing all of his laundry and packing it for him properly before his trip?

Or does the author need to stop being incompetent and take on his own responsibilities, such as packing his own luggage, rather than depending on his wife to do everything for him?

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