Breach of Etiquette: Woman who cut to the front of the line while disembarking plane shamed by fellow passengers

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On a recent Southwest Airlines flight, passengers were seated without assigned seats. But it is what the author did upon landing which has her questioning whether or not she was in the wrong for her actions, which she details in her Reddit post.

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The author starts off by setting the scene of a flight in which there were no assigned seats. Upon landing, passengers seated at the front of the plane began to ready themselves for disembarking, so the author took her shot, as she explains:

“I was sat towards the very back of the plane when we landed. People at the front got up to get ready but no one in the middle section got up. I was in the aisle seat and I only had a backpack, so I took the opportunity and walked to the front of the plane to lineup behind the people in the very front.”

AARP details that it is important to practice good plane etiquette by being mindful of the space and needs of other passengers, including speaking quietly and refraining from blocking aisles or exits. Good plane etiquette also means knowing and following the instructions of the flight crew, being mindful of the amount of carry-on luggage, and refraining from using electronic devices in flight, as explained by Reader’s Digest.

That said, the author’s actions caught the attention of a person in a middle seat nearby, who wasn’t pleased with her move. She continues:

“While I was waiting to exit the airplane, the person sitting in the seat next to where I was standing asked me “have the rules changed “and I pretended not to hear him because I had headphones on and I didn’t say anything to him. Then he got up and said, ‘why don’t you go back to the back and wait like everyone else’.”

At this point, a woman behind the author spoke up as well. She explains

“I didn’t respond again but this time there was a lady behind me who said she needed to catch her connecting flight that was already boarding. The guy then said “well the rules havent changed but if you want to be a jerk go ahead.”

The author was left wondering whether she and the other passenger had done anything wrong. She concludes:

“The lady who had the connecting flight definitely had a valid reason to “cut” in line, but when was this ever a rule? I don’t think I did anything wrong because everyone who I “skipped” could have gotten up and waited in the aisle, so [am I in the wrong] here?”

The post generated a range of opinions, including one user who said:

“I don’t think you did anything wrong. You saw an opportunity to get off the plane faster and took it. Just because other people weren’t as quick as you doesn’t mean you’re wrong.”

While another user commented:

“I think you should’ve stayed in your seat and not skipped the line. It’s a bit selfish and inconsiderate to the other passengers.”

What do you think?

Was the author in the wrong to cut to the front of the line while disembarking the plane, and should have waited her turn and stayed at the back of the plane?

Or was there no harm in walking up to the front, as other passengers hadn’t gotten up from their seats yet, and the angry passenger’s arguments weren’t justified?

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