Host forces homeless friend to sleep on an air mattress as the guest bed is where her dogs sleep

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A close friend has been kicked out of his home and was asking if he could spend the night at his friend's place. However, the guest wasn’t happy with his sleeping arrangements and the host has written about the incident on Reddit.

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The author begins by explaining that Bob, a good friend of her husband, recently got kicked out of his home and turned to the author and her husband for her help. They offered him a blow-up mattress, which he wasn’t exactly happy about. She explains:

“We have a comfy pull-out sofa in our living room, which is where our dogs sleep. They had separate dog beds in the past, but they hated it so they sleep on the sofa now. Because of that, I told Bob he can have the air mattress. He asked if he can sleep on the sofa instead and I told him no, because that's where the dogs sleep. Bob didn't like it, but accepted.”

When it comes to helping a friend experiencing homelessness, Achieve Solutions suggests that the best thing to do is help direct them to professional resources, such as a YMCA, offer assistance in the form of storing their things while they find a new place to live, and be a support for them rather than someone who lectures them on their life decisions.

That said, the next morning Bob complained about the air mattress being uncomfortable, although the author checked and said the mattress was fine. Still, Bob wasn’t happy. The author concludes:

“This morning, Bob was complaining about the air mattress deflating during the night and being so uncomfortable he barely slept all night. (I checked and the mattress was fine.) He also made some sarcastic comments to the dogs and me.”

The post has attracted a lot of attention and responses on Reddit, with many users giving their opinion on the matter. One user commented:

“It wasn’t your job to make sure he was comfortable. You offered him a mattress, he accepted it, he can’t complain about it now.”

Another user said:

“It’s a tough situation, but Bob is a friend, and it was probably a difficult and embarrassing situation for him. It would be nice for someone to acknowledge that. Your husband should apologize for not taking Bob in and making him sleep on an air mattress.”

What do you think?

Was the author justified to offer up a place for Bob to stay, even though it wasn’t the most comfortable option in the house?

Or should the author have booted her dogs off of the sofa bed and let Bob sleep on the pull-out couch instead, since his situation is already a pretty sad and embarrassing one, and the author could have been more compassionate?

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