Mom who wants to read ex’s letters to her daughter after he abandoned the teen told to ‘back off’

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The separation of a family can be one of the most difficult events that parents and children can go through. This exact situation was outlined in a Mumsnet post in which a mother wants to read a letter her ex-husband sends.

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In a Mumsnet post, the author shared the heartbreaking story of how her ex-husband has abandoned his daughter since their separation 15 months ago and hasn't even texted her since November. She explains:

"My ex-husband has made virtually no effort to maintain contact with our daughter since we separated 15 months ago and hasn't even texted her since November.”

It's heartbreaking when a parent has chosen to not maintain contact with their child, as detailed by Law Zone. With that said, the parent who’s left to raise the child on their own should not feel obligated to tolerate a deadbeat parent’s behavior.

Adding to the disappointment, the ex-husband didn't even send anything for their daughter's 16th birthday. Now, he wants to have contact with his daughter, though the author isn’t super excited about the prospect:

“He didn't send anything for her 16th birthday, sent her some cash via my account for Christmas and now wants to write to her on her 17th birthday, but only if I'll assure him that I won't read what he's written [unless our] daughter wants to share.”

The author asked Mumsnet whether she would be unreasonable if she told her ex-husband to "shove it."

The post quickly gained attention, with many users weighing in with their opinions. While some believed that the author should not tolerate her ex-husband's behavior, others agreed that it was understandable that she would be angry and hurt. One user stated:

"I feel like you have every right to tell him to [shove it]. He's not respecting your wishes and he's not making any effort to be a part of your daughter's life. That's not okay."

Another user commented:

"I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It's a tough situation, but I think it's understandable that you would be angry and hurt. It's not fair to you or your daughter that he's not making an effort."

What do you think?

Is the author justified in telling her ex to shove it by trying to tell her how she can and cannot parent their child, whom he completely abandoned?

Or is the author being unreasonable and cruel to try and limit contact between the father and his daughter?

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