Woman with 3 difficult rescue dogs demands pet-sitter friend look after her pooches for free

Gillian Sisley

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the internet has opened up opportunities for people to find jobs in ways that were previously impossible. One Mumsnet user recently shared a story in which a not-close friend had asked her a big favor.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author starts off by explaining that her friend found out about their pet-sitting business through a website that matches up pet owners and sitters, and the friend now wants the author to pet-sit free of charge. She continues:

“She asked if I could dog sit for her. I said no and explained I only did it now and then through that site as then I'm insured, and I do it as a way to have a little free break somewhere interesting. I pick ones with fairly straightforward animals I can leave for a few hours a day. The owners are happy with this, and I take very good care of their pets.”

With the rise of freelance pet-sitting services, many pet owners are finding sitters who will watch and care for their pets in exchange for a fee. This story serves as a reminder to pet sitters to be aware of the risks that they are taking when they are pet-sitting and to not be afraid to set boundaries with their clients. Pet Professional Insurance suggests that it’s important to be aware of the type of work that a person is comfortable with and to make sure that they are getting paid for the work that they are doing.

The author further explains that the friend has three high-need rescue dogs that cannot be left alone, and for this reason, she was very uncomfortable with the situation. She explains further:

“She seems to be a bit offended I don't want to stay at her house 5 miles away from home looking after 3 high-need rescue dogs that are never left alone. There is literally nothing in it for me, it would be doing her a massive favour, and I don't know her well enough for that.”

The author said that the friend could not seem to grasp that it wasn't an honor or a joy to spend time with her pets and that she needed to pay someone to pet-sit for her. The author concludes:

“She brings it up every time I see her. If I say ‘but I won't be insured’, she says she doesn't mind. If I say ‘but it's where I live’, she says I'd be working during the day anyway (work-from-home) and I can do that at hers. Would I be wrong to stop giving her logical reasons and outright tell her her dogs sound like bloody hard work and she needs to pay someone, as no one is going to volunteer?”

What do you think?

Is the author justified in refusing to pet-sit 3 rescues for free for an acquaintance, especially as she runs a business and deserves to be compensated for it?

Or is the author being a mean person and a bad friend by refusing to look after the dogs, and she should consider being kinder to others?

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