Man who lied about why he was late for work furious with coworker for continual teasing after lie was revealed

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This Mumsnet post tells the story of a person who was late to work, and attempted to cover up their tardiness by inventing an excuse and posting a photo on their team's WhatsApp group to back it up. However, things didn’t quite work out the way he’d hoped.

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The author begins his post by stating that one morning he was late for work, and for that reason, tried to use the internet as a way to bail himself out. The author explains:

“I was quickly googling to try and find a photo of a traffic jam on my phone so it looked like I was in a big queue to give me time to get a shower. I tried finding a photo that looked like it had been taken from inside my car model (a renault) but couldn't so instead I scrolled down for one that looked as if I'd stuck my phone out of the car window and taken one.”

Honesty is always the best policy, as a lie can unravel quickly. Once that lie is unveiled, it can be difficult to avoid the consequences of the mistake. Especially in cases with one’s place of employment, if an employee lies and a manager learns of the deception, a person’s job security could be at risk.

Desperate to come up with an excuse, he took time to find a photo and then sent it to the group chat. The author recalls in his post:

“My manager had obviously not noticed but this annoying older bloke on our team had clearly scrutinized the picture and started making wisecracks on the chat like 'you'll be more than a few minutes late Pixie - you still need to get through the chunnel' and 'any chance you could pick up some pain au chocolat from the boulangerie' which totally dropped me in it as my manager hadn't even noticed.”

Unfortunately, the older colleague noticed the photo was of a French road with French number plates and began making jokes about it, which ultimately revealed the lie to their manager. Two weeks later, the colleague still won’t let it go, making jokes about the situation and singing a French song about having no toilet paper whenever they see the author go into the bathroom.

This has really been frustrating the author, as he laments in his post:

“Every day he makes about three [bad] jokes about me traveling in from France. Also now when he sees me go into the toilet he starts singing this stupid french song about having no toilet paper with the chorus 'Ou est le papier'.”

What do you think?

Is the author justified in being furious with his coworker for continuing to make fun of him after it was discovered he was lying about why he was late for work?

Or has the author gotten exactly what he deserves, since he was caught in a lie and he needs to own up to that fact?

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