Woman who complained about not getting $25K in wedding gifts claims favoritism toward older sister

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It’s a tale as old as time—two feuding sisters with competing weddings fuel jealousy and conflict. This sort of incident was documented in a recent Reddit post, where one bride feels she’s been treated poorly compared to her sister.

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The author begins by explaining that she has two daughters, Maddy (30) and Jess (28). These two sisters have very different visions when it comes to their weddings. The author explains further:

“Maddy always wanted to traditional large wedding with the whole extended family and the big reception. She ended up having about 150 guests attend and it was a blast. Jess however always wanted something more low key, which suited her personality better. She doesn't love being the center of attention and said many times how she thinks spending a ton of money on one day is unreasonable, which is fair.”

That said, the costs of the weddings were much different, as explained further by the mother:

“Planning Maddy's was a lot so we were honestly a little relieved when [Jess] told us [about her smaller wedding]. She had a very small ceremony but then rented out a space for a celebration a week after that she invited relatives to.”

That said, due to Jess’ decision to have a smaller wedding with few guests, she didn’t get as many gifts, which has now led to feelings of resentment. The author clarifies:

“Jess didn't receive nearly as much money gifted. Maddy told us from the family of her husband and her own they got about 25k which they put towards a down payment, while Jess got some money but just a few thousand, mostly from her grandparents.”

This reality has led to a family dispute, as Jess believes the “favoritism” in this situation is unfair:

“Jess said that it's proof that the family doesn't care about her and to be honest she was sounding a little bratty. I told her she shouldn't be surprised that people she chose not to include in her actual wedding weren't willing to travel to the other event or be as generous and that she should be grateful people came at all and that her parents paid for everything. I told her for having no expenses and still getting a few thousand dollars, she should be thankful.”

The disagreement between Maddy and Jess has come to a head, leaving their mother in the middle. Though she believes Jess should be thankful for the few thousand dollars she received, Maddy believes the author might have been a little too harsh in her words.

What do you think?

Was Jess indeed mistreated by not getting as much money as her sister, and it doesn’t matter that she only invited a fraction of the guests, she is still entitled to the same amount of gift money?

Or is Jess being greedy by expecting family members who weren’t even invited to her wedding to still gift her tens of thousands of dollars in wedding gifts?

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