Man who takes ‘extreme measures’ to stop wife pregnant with twin from working blasted for ‘borderline abusive’ behavior

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A young couple has been married for 3 years and is expecting twins in a few months. However, the husband believes that his wife is overdoing it with her work, and has taken it upon himself to limit her work time, as he details in his Reddit post.

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The author begins by explaining that he’s been married to his wife, ‘Jen’, for three years, after dating for six. Their family is about to grow, as Jen is 32 weeks pregnant with twins.

That said, there is one ‘big flaw’ in the husband’s eyes, as he explains further:

“She's my best friend and I absolutely adore her, with one minor flaw, she is a huge workaholic/perfectionist. This wasn't a problem before, but about two weeks ago her doctor told her to take a step back from work (i.e., go on leave early) because the stress was starting to cause her a couple of health issues, even though the babies are fine.”

He continues that Jen is quite committed to her career, but the stress from her job was taking a toll and is becoming too much. He clarifies:

"Even though she is brilliant and amazing at what she does, she often works around the clock (on average, 60-hour weeks) at home and in the office.”

After the doctor advised his wife to take a step back from work, but she was still working from her laptop 6-8 hours every day, the author became frustrated and unplugged the Wi-Fi, in an effort to cut her off from work. His actions, however, were not received well:

"Once she realized, she yelled at me, called me a [bad person], and she said that I was treating her like a child and accused me of being controlling, condescending, and 'borderline abusive’.”

The author admits he might have been a bit extreme, but only out of concern for his wife. He concludes with:

"I told her that she was free to use the mobile hotspot on her phone, or figure out the router herself, but otherwise I would plug it back in when I woke up. She was overdoing it by trying to meet deadlines that she's not even supposed to be responsible for.”

What do you think?

Was the author justified in cutting off the wifi so that his wife couldn’t work on the projects she was trying to finish up before her maternity leave?

Or is he indeed being condescending and controlling by shutting off the wifi and forcing her to stop working, especially as the doctor made it clear that their babies were fine and weren’t at risk?

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