Sister-in-law who body-shamed bride-to-be offended after being told she has a 'large nose'

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A woman who decided to tell her future sister-in-law that she is too flat-chested has now found herself deeply offended after the tables were turned. The sister-in-law has turned to Reddit to find out whether or not her comeback was warranted, or crossed the line.

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The author is currently engaged, and she's looking forward to getting married next year. That said, she adds that she is flat-chested due to health issues and growth problems since she was a child.

That said, at her niece's recent birthday party, her future sister-in-law decided to take a jab at her, as she details in her post:

"I wore a sweetheart shape dress and my sil (Mel) who always comments on my chest, saw the dress and went like "this dress needs boobs, you ain't got any". I ignored her but then at dinner she asked if I was planning on getting a plastic surgery before the wedding so that I don't "ruin" the wedding dress.”

Body dysmorphic disorder is characterized as a mental health condition in which a person can't stop thinking about their perceived flaws or defects with their body. BDD is found to impact between 2-7% of the US population.

The author understandably found her sister-in-law's comments rather offensive, especially as there were other people in the room.

For that same reason, a few minutes later when the sister-in-law was blowing her nose—which the author describes as large—she said:

"I smiled and asked "do you need help with that? I could get the plunger for you.". She was stunned and the room got awkward after her husband was laughing. She was fuming and told my fiance that I stepped out of line and ruined her daughter's birthday with my words that humiliated her.”

The fiance feels the author went too far and caused a scene, especially because his parents asked for them to leave.

The author tried to justify what she said by explaining how his sister's comments about her chest made her feel, but he retorted that his sister spoke 'out of concern' while the author's comment was spoken 'out of hate'.

Body shaming is something that can happen to any gender, and a survey from the Obesity Action Coalition reported that '58% of high school boys and 63% of high school girls medically classified as overweight experience daily bullying about the size or shape of their bodies'.

What do you think?

Was the sister-in-law just getting back what she had given to the author, and if she can't take the heat she should stay out of the kitchen?

Or were the author's words truly out of bounds, and she should have shown more grace in this situation rather than body shaming her sister-in-law back?

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