Vegan man who swears by 'clean eating' angers husband by 'tricking' him into eating a vegan meal

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A man who is a committed vegan tricked his non-vegan husband into eating a meal that had no meat in it, and has turned to Reddit to ask whether or not he was in the wrong for secretly feeding his husband a vegan lasagna.

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The author, who has been vegan for a year now, is married to a man who is a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of guy. For this reason, the author’s husband isn’t too interested in trying many vegan options.

Still, the author has been attempting to convince his husband to try some vegan food, as he explains:

“I've been trying to get him to at least consider eating more plant-based meals for the sake of his health. I get worried for him sometimes because he is very fat and his BMI is also quite high. I've been trying to cook healthy meals for him, encouraging him to exercise, and getting creative with the dishes I make, but my partner just doesn't seem interested.”

Data shows that about 10% of US citizens identify themselves as vegan, and Soylant reports that there are about 79 million vegans worldwide.

Due to the author’s concerns for his husband’s health, he decided to take matters into his own hands:

“I made a delicious vegan lasagna for dinner, not mentioning to my partner that it was completely plant-based. To my surprise, my partner loved the lasagna and even asked for seconds. It wasn't until after dinner that I let it slip that the dish was vegan.”

His husband was less than pleased to hear this news, and felt completely fooled. The author tried to defend himself, but his actions weren’t received well:

“I've been worried for their health and want them to get skinnier and be better, but my partner said it was very immature of me and I could have talked to him directly.”

When it comes to veganism, this doesn’t only cover food. It also includes cosmetics, toiletries, and other products, too.

What do you think?

Was the author in the wrong for secretly feeding his partner vegan food, even though he knows his partner wasn’t interested?

Or was he just looking out for his partner’s best interest, and he shouldn’t be faulted for that?

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