Man who has trouble finding love devastated after friend tells him he is lonely because he 'smells disgusting'

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A man who has lamented to his best friend that he’s lonely and can’t find a girlfriend has received a brutally honest review from his best friend. The best friend has turned to Reddit to find out whether or not she was in the wrong for being honest with him.

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The author, a 24-year-old woman, has been best friends with a man for 12 years. Though she believes he is a very good person with ‘desirable traits’ and a great career, there’s one massive issue, as she explains:

“Since we were kids I’ve always noticed he had really bad hygiene habits, but chalked it up to him being a teenage boy. Now that we’re older I’ve seen that his hygiene has not improved with age. He goes to the gym at least 3 times per week but never showers more than once per week, never brushes his teeth, and only does laundry when the clothes are completely stiff.”

Though the author has ‘dropped hints’ throughout the years, she explains that she’s stopped inviting him to nights out, because he shows up greasy, smelly, and with ‘an inch thick of plaque on his teeth’.

When it comes to dating, personal hygiene is not something that should be overlooked. A survey by Philips shaving company found that 87% of women found that personal hygiene and body grooming can be a ‘deal breaker’ on a date.

The best friend recently pointed out to the author that he has a ‘crush’ on one of her new friends, and asked if she was single. The author said she recently was single, and tried to persuade him not to reach out. But he did anyways, and it didn’t go well:

“When she declined, she lied and said she was seeing someone. He knew that one of us was lying to him. When he confronted me I told him that everyone I know thinks he is disgusting because of his hygiene, they don’t want to be near him much less date him.”

The best friend denied his poor hygiene, but as the author finally got up the courage to be brutally honest, she didn’t back down when he started to get defensive. She continued:

“He left, and hasn’t talked to me in over a month insisting I need to apologize and set the record straight to everyone we know. I think I’m doing him a favor in the long run and he should appreciate my honesty because he is the one who confronted me about why I lied to him about my friend.”

In a survey related to ‘biggest dating icks’, 24% of respondents stated that body odor from their date would be a big turn-off for them, and would be a factor in likely not going on a second date.

What do you think?

Is the author truly doing her best friend a favor in the long run by being honest about his poor hygiene, because that’s the biggest obstacle for him securing love?

Or was it not her place at all to comment about his hygiene practices, and she should have just kept her mouth shut?

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