Widowed mother of 3 kicks out mistress of deceased husband from the funeral after she shows up unannounced

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A woman who recently lost her husband was shocked to see that his mistress had the nerve to show up to the funeral, resulting in her kicking the mistress out of the celebration of life. She has turned to Reddit to find out whether or not she was wrong for her actions.

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The author, a recently widowed woman and mother of 3, lost her husband in a tragic car accident 3 weeks ago. Worse, his passing exposed a string of lies and secrets that were beyond upsetting for the author, as she explains:

“He said he was going to a work trip but we later found out that all of that was just another one of his lies and he was actually on a cheating trip. Something he'd seemingly been doing for at least the past 5 year. Our kids are 7f, 14m and 19m. Only the eldest knows about the affair and we all agreed to keep it to ourselves.”

Psychologists explain that relationships with a high amount of dissatisfaction, high conflict, and unfulfillment are at a higher risk to experience infidelity. The person who has been the victim of this will experience heartache and mental torment due to the betrayal.

The author continues that as she was trying to start planning the funeral, a surprising volunteer stepped forward, as she details:

“The problem lies with his partner. She wanted to be involved. I told her that wouldn't be possible and she should respect our privacy. Even putting my feelings aside, though he's trying to be strong for his younger siblings, my eldest is battling with his anger and grief. Having her there would only cause problems.”

Despite the author telling the mistress to stay away, the woman didn’t seem bothered about respecting the wishes of her affair partner’s family:

“Regardless, she was there when we arrived at the graveyard standing some distance away but she was still close enough to everyone to just make her stand out as if she wants to be seen. I told my brother and he removed her without causing too much of a scene.”

The author was ultimately trying to think of her kids, and ensure they could see their father off with dignity and respect, and feels justified in her decision to remove the mistress from the event.

The woman, however, didn’t feel the same:

“Afterwards she sent me a text which summarised basically called me selfish for blocking her from being there and saying I robbed her of the chance to say goodbye properly.”

What do you think?

Was the author entirely within her right to kick the mistress of her husband out of the funeral, so that her children could grieve without complications?

Or should the author have also considered that her husband’s affair partner was also mourning the loss of him, and she too has a right to be present for the final send-off?

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