Mother of 2 forbids youngest daughter from eldest's wedding over inappropriate dress slit and emo jewelry

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A mom of 2 who was attending her oldest child’s wedding banned her youngest from attending because she wasn’t dressed appropriately for the event. She has since written a Reddit post to find out whether or not she was in the wrong for her decision.

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The author of the post has two daughters, Ashley who is 26, and Alex who is 15. Unfortunately, the sisters have a strained relationship due to their age difference.

However, they’ve been bridging the gap, as the author details in her post:

“They have been getting closer since Ashley let Alex help plan the wedding, it was really nice of her to include her in this.”

Weddings can be something that sparks some real tension between family members. The biggest reasons for this include heightened anticipation, old issues coming back up to the surface, and new resentments being created.

However, the wedding day didn’t go quite as planned. The author explains:

The wedding was yesterday and Alex was supposed to wear the dress she got which was sage green. Alex normally wears emo clothes at the moment, which is fine. She came down in the green dress and had put a large slit in it that does up to her thigh. She also added a skull necklace, earnings, punk rock boots and really dark makeup.”

The author told Alex that her outfit was inappropriate for the formal wedding and asked her to remove the jewelry and fix the slit, but Alex refused and stayed home.

The author's husband was furious with his wife and called her a jerk. The author is fine with Alex expressing herself, but feels that there is a time and place for such expression. She further explains:

“The slit was so high I could see her underwear as she walked fast, not to mention the jewelry was huge. I just don't get why she would do that, it was inappropriate to dress like that for the event, there is a time and place.”

Even the bride, Ashley, was okay with Alex missing the wedding, as she also didn’t want her sister wearing an inappropriate outfit.

What do you think?

Was the author justified in making her daughter stay home from the wedding, all because of the dress she was wearing?

Or did she overreact by banning her youngest daughter from her eldest daughter’s wedding, leaving her youngest to not be able to experience her oldest’s wedding?

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