Woman who was hounded by pregnant friend 'ruins' gender reveal party by breaking her promise

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A woman who was asked by her pregnant friend to bring a gender reveal cannon to the event didn’t end up following through after being harassed. She’s now turned to Reddit to find out whether or not she’s in the wrong.

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The author, a 27-year-old woman, was excited to attend her pregnant friend’s gender reveal party, and was commissioned to bring along the star of the party—the gender reveal cannon.

Her friend entrusted her with the letter which specified the gender of her baby, and told her under ‘no’ circumstances’ to tell her the gender of the baby.

However, the last few weeks have been a bit of a nightmare, as the author details in her post:

“Fast forward, I’ve had this envelope for 2 weeks now, I’ve ordered the cannons and the gender reveal is in a few days. For the past 2 weeks my friend has HOUNDED me with texts begging me to just tell her what it is, but then following up with ‘actually no I don’t want to know’.”

There are a variety of reasons why someone may choose to have a gender reveal party. As The Atlantic reports, some decide to have this party with friends and family as a way to ‘re-enchant’ their pregnancy.

The author understood that her friend was excited, but the constant messages started to get quite annoying, so she stopped responding to the messages. Unfortunately, the situation only continued to escalate:

“The past 3 days she had begun hounding me at work - I work an office job and I’m in and out of meetings all day. After the first day of a call into my work I asked her to please just chill out and stop calling me at work. I reminded her that she made me promise not to tell and she’d find out soon enough.”

Still, the harassment persisted, and while the author was in an important meeting with a client, the receptionist interrupted the meeting to say she had an ‘urgent’ phone call. It was her friend once again, and with that call, the author was at her wit’s end:

“I just snapped and told her if she wanted to know so badly it’s a boy!” And then I hung up the phone. My husband thinks I’m in the right because there is only so much one person can take. But our mutual friends are calling me [a terrible person] because I should have just kept my mouth shut.”

The time leading up to a gender reveal party can be a very anxious time, especially if a parent has their heart set on a particular gender. They may experience ‘gender disappointment’, which can be a precursor to post-partum depression, anxiety, or sadness following the birth, as detailed by Baby Center.

What do you think?

Was the author being completely reasonable to snap after being harassed for 3 weeks straight, and her pregnant friend got exactly what she deserved?

Or should the author have never revealed the gender, even though her friend asked dozens of times, and she got what she asked for?

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