Woman with disability devastated after her husband refuses to drive her to son's wedding as he wasn't invited

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A woman living with a disability who was hoping to attend her son’s wedding is beyond heartbroken after her husband refuses to drive her to the event, exclusively because he wasn’t invited himself. The husband has written a Reddit post asking whether or not he was wrong to refuse.

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The author, who has a son and wife, starts off by explaining that he and his son have ‘past issues’ that ‘affected their relationship.

For this reason, when the son sent out invites for his wedding, he didn’t invite his father to the event, which made him very upset. He explains in the post:

“No we're not on speaking terms after he decided to sell his grandmother's home (my wife's mother) instead of keeping it. He sent his mom an invitation but didn't include me. I was fine with that, didn't try to fight back or anything.”

A big reason why a person may choose to cut a family member off is if there was a breakdown in the relationship. If a family member is toxic or abusive, a person may choose to cut ties for the sake of their own mental health.

Though the author claims he isn’t upset, he has decided to have absolutely nothing to do with the wedding, including assisting his wife in attending. He clarifies:

“I refused to drive my wife to the wedding. She's disabled and cannot drive and we live 3 hrs away. I said that since I'm not invited to the wedding, nor am I taking part in it then I shouldn't have to drive there. My wife told me I was being unreasonable and that I was punishing her for our son's decision.”

He then told his wife that ‘she’s an adult’ so she should take care of her transportation needs herself. She ended up getting her brother-in-law to drive her to the event. She wasn’t pleased with her husband when she got home:

“She refused to speak to me upon her return and my brother said I was in the wrong for letting her fend for herself when me and my car were available.”

When a child stops talking to their parent, the parent will then go through a period of mourning. This is only a natural part of the process, and will come with a phase of adaptation and trying to find closure.

What do you think?

Was the author justified in refusing to drive his disabled wife to their son’s wedding, simply because he wasn’t invited?

Or was it wrong and petty of him to be so cruel to his wife, and he needs to work his way through processing being separated from his child?

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